work for musicians in canada?

Hi guys,
my husband and I (plus 2 kids) are planning to emigrate to canada in a few years time...he's working as a music lecturer (music technology) at the moment and we were just wondering whether he has any chances to get a job as a teacher in Canada?
What type of teacher? A teacher of children ... no. He would pretty much need a teaching degree from a Canadian university.

But at a community college, or continuing education teacher, maybe.
Anywhere really...He's been teaching for 5 years now and would love to continue when we emigrate, but we really do not know whether that's possible and whether there's a demand for it in Canada. We're thinking of going to Ontario. Also, I'm wondering if my ability to speak Polish (my 1st language) would come in handy at all?
There's always playing in the subway station for spare change...

Seriously though--before you immigrate be absolutely certain that the Canada you get is the same as the Canada you are expecting. Immigrating to ANY country is difficult and stressful. There is no magic pot of gold here. Be prepared to pay out of pocket for everything including health care for at least 6 months.

You might have better luck applying to schools/colleges in smaller areas like Halifax or Regina than in Toronto or Calgary or Vancouver. And the housing is a tad cheaper there as well. There is probably opportunity in the aboriginal community too.
I absolutely agree with you. I left Poland and came to England 10 years ago. It was hard at times but what didn't kill me made me stronger for sure. I have 2 young kids now and I want a better life for them. I'm prepared to work hard and make sacrifices for my kids because I think the UK is NOT good enough for them. We have many friends here, the countryside is beautiful etc etc but the standard of education is very low. The rate of teenage pregnancies, number of divorces and use of drugs is the highest in Europe and it's on the rise. You 're judged here on where you live, your postcode is more important than your education and experience.
We just want to take our kids away from here. We have been researching the emigration option and have decided that Canada is our top favourite. Now we just need to find jobs )))

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