Rowan Atkinson is Osama Bean Laden


Bin Ha-den ... Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean in the new Brit movie "Mr Bean's Holiday" released later this year. He is also to play terrorist, inset

Rowan is Osama Bean Laden

March 17, 2007

MR BEAN actor ROWAN ATKINSON may be about to spark World War Three — by playing Osama Bin Laden.

The star is to portray the world’s most wanted man in a comedy sketch.

Many actors might find it a scary role to take on, given what the terrorist could do if he didn’t find it funny.

But Rowan thinks it’s about time the tables were turned on the terror chief by making him a laughing stock.

Rowan, currently starring in Mr Bean’s Holiday, said: “There’s something potentially comic about anyone hiding in the way he is, with the whole world looking for him.

“Where is he? What’s he doing? What did he have for breakfast? I met someone who knew him when he lived in London years ago. He used to meet him at dinner parties, across the table.

“There’s something very funny about the idea of Bin Laden at a dinner party in Kensington.

“The angle I would take wouldn’t necessarily be dismissive of his faith. It would just be about the predicament of the individual.”

If I was Rowan, I’d be digging a bomb shelter in my garden . . . just in case.

Mr Bean's Holiday

Dopey Mr Bean causes more chaos as he goes on holiday to France in "Mr Bean's Holiday" released later this year.

Bean takes his beloved teddy bear with him.
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Thanx Black, I can't wait to see it now!!!

I've loved Rowan's works, since I discovered the "Black Adder" series way on back. The man is a comic genius.

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