Soon-to-be British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, has pledged to make British citizens richer - and has also attacked France, Germany and other Continental Europeans for their anti-Americanism. Brown is more anti-EU than Blair is and the EU can expect Brown not to be as much of a pushover as Blair was. Whilst attacking Europe's anti-Americanism, the eager Atlanticist also vowed to strengthen the Anglo-American relationship and to build a new world order based on Britain and America's shared values.

Pledge ... Gordon Brown will become British Prime Minister this year

Brown vows to make Brits rich


Political Editor, in India
January 18, 2007

GORDON Brown last night vowed to devote his time as PM to making Brits RICHER and SAFER in a perilous world.

Mr Brown also pledged to put brave British troops at the top of his agenda — forcing Nato and UN states to share the burden of fighting and peacekeeping.

Asked about becoming Prime Minister, the Chancellor said: “I see myself representing Britain, doing my best for Britain, and talking about what is going to bring British people prosperity.”

Mr Brown said education will be the UK’s No1 money-spinner in the next 20 years, and stressed the financial sector and pharmaceuticals industry will keep the nation's economy growing at break-neck pace.

He also slammed France and other EU states for their anti-Americanism — and told ITV News he vowed to build a new world order based on the shared values of Britain and the US.

He called for a shake-up of international bodies including the UN, NATO and the World Bank.

THE Chancellor last night blamed sky-high oil and energy prices for soaring inflation rates.