Archaeologists find 1600 year old dog.

Discovered - 1,600 years on

Archaeologists excavating a Roman settlement in Liss, Hampshire believe they have unearthed the remains of a dog over 1,600 years after it fell down a well.

The curious incident of the dog from the fourth century has led to a modern day investigation in a field at the village.

The ill fated mutt came to a sad end at the bottom of a well.

More than 1,600 years later, its skeleton has been recovered by amateur archaeologists carrying out excavation work on the settlement.

The remarkably well preserved remains are currently being analysed by an expert in animal bones.

Meanwhile, the dog has been given a suitably Roman name by the archaeologists Brutus.

"The guy who actually found him said: 'This is a brute of a thing' hence the name," said Mike Jordan, publicity officer for the Liss Archaeological Group.

For full story see the September 27 edition of the Petersfield Post.
I wonder what the romans fed their dogs... britons maybe? or scots

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