Dead Man's Chest

I think not

Can't wait to see this.
It comes out this Thursday here and I'm seeing it as soon as I finish work that day!!!!!!!
Yeah, that looks like a really good movie. The first one was great.
cool soundtrack and a great movie. cant wait to watch the movie itself

Deleted the advertising
OMG, soooooooooooooooo amazingly awesome!!!!!!!!!!! What a brilliant film!!!! I cant wait to see it again!!!!

Can we assume that you liked the movie? :P
Nah it was crap! lol

It really was a brilliant film. I loved the first one but the action and the comedy and the drama and the romance were all so much more intense in this one. Its really worth seeing.....over and over again!
We'll give it a week,

and let the crowds ease up a bit. I don't enjoy it when every single seat is filled and people are still clamouring back and forth to their seats well into the movie. We'll get there next week though, on your recommendation.
BTW, Johnny Dep has kind of come into his own in recent years. A few years ago , he used to fly into Vancouver and raise hell. He would pick fights with people and police would be called. I thought he was a right little bastard. He may be, but he is also a good actor.

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