Injured Hand

Now I injured my hand at my job yesterday and it hurts like a b**** but i don't want to go to the doc or to another soldier and tell him about it because I don't want t act like a kid with a non-important injury.

So here are the choices

1. Wrap hand in cotton and duck tape

2. Don't worry about it

3. Go see first aid guy or mother
I think not
If you injured your hand, don't be a fool, the injury can be bad, go see a doctor.

Yes sir, ITN, Sir.
I think not
Sorry if I sounded abrupt. But I'm serious, you may have a fracture and it will only worsen if you don't get it taken care of. You are no good to the Canadian army when you are injured. It doesn't make you any less of a man by saying you're in pain.
Well I was just wondering about not going to a doc, because my sister has pneumonia and she cant see a doc until April the 4.
I think not
What does your sister have to do with you hand? Go see a doc. And how do you know she has pneumonia if she hasn't seen a doc yet?
Because she keeps complaing of her lungs. And I am jumping to conclusion because she has had it three times before.

However, I guess it wouldn't hurt to drop into a clinic tomorrow because i have nothing to do until 5.
I think not
That's exactly what you should do. Don't you have a doctor where you work? On the military base? I imagine that's where you should be going.
We have people with military training at our base, and probably someone designated as the medic. But i haven't met him or her yet.
I think not
Well either way, take care of yourself. You are no good to the Canadian military with an injury.
I think not
Well I went to the doc and he said that it is bruised and at the very most fractured and if it still hurts in a week come sdee him.
I think not
Keep me posted

I hope its not the same hand you.....*cough*'s happened to me.

I'll keep you updated.
Haggis McBagpipe
Yes, Jersay, make sure you do. What, is Mother ITN chopped liver, that you never call, and you worry him half to death?
Hows your hand, Jersay???
Its better. So it was most likely a bruise.
I think not
Good to hear.
OK, Jersay, now that your hand is better, maybe you should tell us how you hurt it......sounds mighty suspicious that you didnt want to go to the doctor.....dont you have to report injuries.........That gives me an idea......
I mushed it against a gate, I had to pull up a pole and it caught a piece of my flesh against the gate.
Quote: Originally Posted by I think not

Keep me posted

I hope its not the same hand you.....*cough*'s happened to me.

You mean the same hand he writes with??? That would be just awful!!!
you used your whole hand????
Oh my
whoops I just realized you were quoting ITN. Sorry !

It took doctors 2 weeks to detect the fracture in my scaphoid after a motorcycle accident a few years ago. Slowest bone in the body to heal, and a right old pain in the freakin....wrist. Lucky for me it didn't need pins and plates. No metal jacket for me just yet
Owies......I broke my pinky toe at school camp in year 8 and it hurt like a mofo!!!

Worst of all....nobody believed me and I still had to do the 8 hour hike up the mountain the next day with a 10kg pack on my back! Never been in that much pain in my life!!!

I had to pull up a pole and it caught a piece of my flesh against the gate.

Ground spike? Also if it was at work fill out a CF-98. Trust me on this one.

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