God, some Forum people are stupid....

Ten Packs
On a "competing" site (you might say) there's a thread about the Softwood/Cattle thing in which either a few people parked their brains at the door, or are still hoping to make the grade 10 Spelling Bee Team (rottsa ruck!)

ONE CLOWN, in particular, has ranted on and on with crap like "California would be pretty brown and dry without B.C. water!"
Oh! We have a pipeline to there, do we? Or maybe we should just MOVE the Columbia River, over to Alberta.... they've been so dry anyway. And by the way, there's no pipeline from Orgeon, either.

NEXT, he says we should "pull the Energy Plug" on the States and sell it to our real friends? "REAL FRIENDS"???
Now there's a cracker-jack idea! We'll sell our electricity to Japan and China and Russia.... maybe even for the vast "forests of Greenland" - (inside joke, Rev will get it! )

Here's my reply to that one:


You still don't get it? do ya B*****y - sell it to feckin' WHO?

I don't remember any high-tranmission lines across the Bering STRAITS!
(Never mind that's bloody ALASKA, ANYWAY!)

They are the only people on the same feckin' CONTINENT! - except for Mexico.... and if you think the Yanks would let us run power and gas THROUGH them to Mexico, but cut THEM off.... then I sure want a couple hits of whatever YOU GOT!

GET A MAP, WILL YA? Or a High School Diploma???

.................................................. ........................................

IF WE "PULL THE PLUG", aside from oil - it's a big NO SALE, gang!
It's one Helluva step to take, and don't kid your asses about what the Yanks reaction could range to, either!

Talk is cheap - I've engaged in it myself, in an angry moment or two - but you damn-well better think about what you're saying!

That PARANOID S.O.B. invaded Iraq! - just becasue Saddam plotted to off his old man.

That ain't defeatist - it's just realistic!

This is what pisses me off about the whole softwood mess We don't need to turn it off just do what the US does slap a surcharge on it say at about the same rate as the softwood duties and i would bet you'd see some action pretty quick .Its not fecking rocket science but our politicians don't seem to get it
Ten Packs
Yup, raise the ante, that's a viable tactic.... but to close the store because you're not selling enough MEAT!?!

WTF kind of thinking is that????
Just plain Fecking stupid ass dumbshit thinking I would say
Haggis McBagpipe
Well this thread seems as good as any for posting the funniest insult I've heard since the Trailer Park Boys: what a slack-jawed half-evolved double-decker dork.

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