Historic Cambodian Site Hit By Cow Poo

Col Man

Bovine dung not good

Cambodian police have been ordered to capture dozens of buffaloes and cows roaming the Angkor Wat temple because of the dung they are leaving among the ruins.

Police say at least 30 buffaloes and 10 cows had been regularly meandering through the ruins seeking food - and leaving a mess behind.

Colonel Tan Chay said: "I have ordered my police to catch the buffaloes and cows. Then we will ask their owners to pay a fine.

"The area needs to be kept as a nice place for the tourists."

He said six policemen had already spent around six hours trying to catch the buffaloes - but had only managed to seize one.

The police commissioner said grazing animals have been a long-running problem at Angkor, particularly during the dry season

Villagers traditionally let them roam free to eat and sleep wherever they like.

Col Chay added: "I have appealed to the people in the area many times not to release their cows and buffaloes into the Angkor area.

"Most of them understand but a few are going against regulations."

The ancient Angkor temples, the kingdom's premier tourist attraction, represent the pinnacle of Khmer art.

They featured in the first Tomb Raider film starring Angelina Jolie.
Col Man
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