Trailer Park Boys (Trailer Park Boys Soundboard)

Hi, I'm pretty new here...
any Trailer Park Boys fans?
Best Canadian Comedy I've ever seen!

CANT WAIT for the next season...
hahahahahhaha Well than you will fit in around here marker...I can only take small doses of them...My favorite character is bubbles tho. :P
Reverend Blair
Did ya see the Christmas special? I thought midnight mass in Ituna was a little wild, but it was nothing like that.
I was actually right beside the filming area when I went to Halifax 2 years ago... but I didnt know where they filmed them...
I would have been on a trailer park hunt if I had of known about their location at that time...

Bubbles is kind of an all time favorite for everyone, but I think Ricky has some major character... He'd have to be my favorite I think.

Yea I did see the xmas special, it put alot of things in perspective, like the bubble machine etc..
TPB clips

I think this show is the bomb! I can sit here for hours watching back to back episodes and still not get enough. Most of the time, I can't stay in my chair. It's just a hilarious show
This show is pretty damn good. I wish they would do more than 6-8 episodes a season though. I like Bubbles too, I wonder why he was not in the original movie?
bubbles was a character added after the movie
this started out pretty low budget, and still is low budget

thats why they have short seasons, they dont get the funding larger projects get to produce more shows.

But its the best... I've probably seen all the episodes 20 times each..
does anyone know where i can find a trailer park boys soundboard??
Sunday April 17 is now when the next season starts. It was originally suppose to start in Feb, but it was moved back to April, which is usually when it starts. I can not wait.
man hey people...I LOVE THE TRAILER PARK BOYS!!!!!they totally kick ass and its all ours!Canadians ROCK!!!!anyways yeah i'm 15....and i love the TPB....and Julian is totally!and yeah ok i gtg.....

drunk as ****....drunk as ****.....drunk as ****....

(ricky, before passing out in the trailer park road.)
I just noticed your signature merssia, that is to funny!!!! I dunno know...I watched the show a couple of times, oh boy I am gonna get it now...but after the first time...I just didn't find it all that funny. But just about everybody I know loves it. Guess I have no sense of haha!
Bubbles the man
Sorry,but I used to live in a trailer park..and don't see why this show is sucha big deal. But,all you fans,the 3 leads are going to toss out the first ball at the Jays home opener.
If anyone lives in the Vancouver area tv week magazine had quite an article about the show and some interesting facts about the actors in the show. I just got my TV Week yesterday in the mail. New season starts Sunday on Showcase. I can hardly wait.
Pass the peperoni and jalapno chips no1.Oh yea don't forget the rum and coke !
don't forget the "bud".
Quote: Originally Posted by missile

Sorry,but I used to live in a trailer park..and don't see why this show is sucha big deal. But,all you fans,the 3 leads are going to toss out the first ball at the Jays home opener.

Yet one of my friends loves the show partly because he used to live in a trailer park.

I've only seen 2 episodes, but I loved it.
Well that opening episode sure sucked the boys better start writing cause that sucked what a let down Kind of like the Liddel vrs Corture fight last night It sucked too
I too was disapointed. I was expecting it to be a little better. Hopefully next week.
Well last night emma dibbs and mr dibbs watched it for the first time, as they are from britian....evulation: They liked it
Last weeks eppy was a bit better. But there is something "missing" from previous seasons. Maybe they are getting to "smart"?
I see now they are making a feature movie to be released in July 2006 in theatres. They are starting to film the movie this summer.

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Haggis McBagpipe
TPB is easily my most favourite show. Ricky is my favourite, he is perfect... why, he was perfect even before he got his Grade Ten, and even not having a mentor and all....

There is a new pseudo-documentary out called 'Incident at Loch Ness' or some such thing, and in it, the producer is EXACTLY like Ricky if Ricky actually got a job as a director. Very funny little flick. Good one way or another, but especially good if you want a glimpse of Ricky As Producer.
Jo Canadian
I heard about the movie coming out! I hope they do a good job on It.

It sucks though I haven't seen TPB for almost a year now. We moved out into the Country and only have peasantvision. (Fuzzy CBC)

It makes the kids stay outside longer though.
TPB rock. they are filming a full length feature in june with ivan reitman as executive producer...check out this website: i just purchased a lottery ticket to win a walk on role for the TPB tv series. its a fundraiser for a non-profit film cooperative in halifax ns. june 3rd is the draw date...i purchased my tickets through pay pal. use as the email address for purchase. good luck...
tpb fan
Love Trailer Park Boys. A good Ricki quote "it looks like a tropical earthquake came through".
That show rocks, another of Canada's finest, Yo!
u can win a walk on role for the TPB TV series. i just purchased lottery tickets on it's a fundraiser for a non profit film coop in halifax ns. u can purchase tickets through pay pal.
peace out
Oh How the time flies. The season finale is on at 9 pm tonight on Showcase.......Looks pretty good from the previews.

I wonder if they will do a 6th season, since they are filming a movie for theatrical release next July?

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