Live Chat - Maybe people would like to chat today?

Paranoid Dot Calm
Maybe people would like to chat today?

You could use this.

When you first go through the trip, you'll be prompted to download a small program or interface.

Then .... if you sign in using the same Nic or Name as we have here, we would already know about each other.

People can private chat as well if they like too.

I'll leave the link available at least for the rest of the day. Maybe longer if people like to chat.
I am chatting with the calm :P
Hey that was fun :P talking to cosmo, ricky, and calm all at the same time.
Rick van Opbergen
Yeah, that was fun ... I just checked though, and nobody is on-line ... bummer ...
Paranoid Dot Calm
About chat:

I edited the first message and removed the link.

I'm gonna disconnect the chat service. It was available all day today, and only PeaPod, Cosmos, Ricky and Me entered the chat room.

And this is Sunday. You would think we would have more forum visitors on a Sunday as opposed to a work day.

I guess there is no real demand for it.


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