Help about background running aps

Hi. A few things I need help with;
Using Win XP Home, 512 RAM, Pentium Centrino etc.
My puter seems to have slowed down lately. When I do a ctrl+Alt+Del, taskmanager comes up wiith WAY too many things running, a lot with my name on them, and a lot saying System. It seems most of them start with Windows and I don't always need them running and ready in BG. I click them off but want them off until I start them from the program file menu. Do I need to find something somewhere to shut them down until I need them?
Another thing, in my Network Connections, I have two connections apparantly running; Local Area Connection (enabled) and 1394 Connection (enabled). Do I need BOTH of these connections enabled?
Windows Startup Inspector

From their Readme file:

On, there are more than 3,400 known programs in the database. It can thus provide consultative information on the programs that are running at your Windows startup process. Whether a program is necessary to the system, or the program is a spyware.

It scans all programs that are in the Windows Startup Folder,
and Registry, and provides you with background information of the program.

It removes harmful programs like spyware, virus, dialers, make your system healthier.

It removes unnecessary programs like reminders, monitors, and improves your systems performance.
you can go to Startm menu-Run and type msconfig, you will see in the startup tab all the programs that load at start up. Untick the ones you don't want to load, Apply and that's it!

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