“Physics is to math what sex is to masturbation.”
Richard Feynman
“Why nature is mathematical is, again, a mystery.”
Richard Feynman

a) Let to take physics as a stone.
Then only making sex with math it is possible to create the beautiful
living planet* Earth.
b) Let to take math as an idea.
Then pure math for pure math is an abstract image - masturbation.
Only married with physics they both can create the paradise planet Earth.

And if somebody cannot happily live on this paradise planet Earth -
- then it is his/her own problem.

a) where does stone come from ?
b) where does idea come from?
My answer:
They both come from an infinite void, from an emptiness, from a nothingness,
from the zero vacuum continuum : T=0K.
Feynman is a pompous idiot ( I have read one of his books) who always needs funding

Nature is mathematical because of resonance

None of the physical even exists without conscious perception, which changes and rebuilds everything form instant to instant.

If one doesn't resonate with something it doesn't exist.
Curious Cdn
who always needs funding

Don't we all.

Don't we all.

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