Justin Trudeau – Much Ado About Nothing

This post contains scenes of violence, nudity and coarse language with frequent references to Justin Trudeau which may be deemed toxic to some. In the absence of a literary hazmat suit, reader discretion is advised.

Has it really only been a couple of years since Justin Trudeau was anointed Liberal Leader? Actually, it hasn’t been quite two years but it seems much longer somehow. I think it’s because many in Canada are so obsessed with him that barely a day goes by without some article, comment or news story in which he is prominently featured.

There has been more talk about Canada’s Peter Pan for the past sixteen months and a bit than any other politician or political topic. A quick search of “Justin Trudeau” on Google returned 2.45 million hits compared to only 878, 000 for Stephen Harper who is not only Canada’s Prime Minister but who has been in the public eye about four times longer than Trudeau. Indeed, pick a subject and even if Trudeau isn’t a part of it, his detractors and supporters alike will find some way to weave him into it.

Even God doesn’t get mentioned as frequently as Justin Trudeau and that’s saying something because God gets mentioned quite often especially towards the end of a frisky moment or two between the sheets.

It’s quite astonishing when you step back and actually think about it. Bill Shakespeare might have been referring to the constant focus on Justin Trudeau when he wrote ‘Much Ado About Nothing’.

Beyond legalizing marijuana and supporting a woman’s right to choose when it comes to abortion, Justin Trudeau really hasn’t put forward much worthy of all this attention. As leader of the smallest of Canada’s main political parties, he’s not really in a position to influence the debate and yet – thanks to the obsession many seem to have with him – he does.

Justin Trudeau - Much Ado About Nothing | A Bear's Rant
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