Jesus To Be Played By A *GASP* Muslim In New Bill O’Reilly Film (Yes, THAT Bill O’Rei

Someone at National Geographic either has a set of brass ones the size of beach balls or they don’t give the tiniest crap about the almost guaranteed outrage from the right over this:
National Geographic Channel’s new miniseries, Killing Jesus, has done what virtually no other mainstream Jesus film or television series has done.
They cast a Middle Eastern man to portray a Middle Eastern man.
Shocking, I know.
The four-part miniseries, set to air in 2015, announced today that Lebanon-born actor Haaz Sleiman (The Visitor) will portray the title character Jesus.
Well, hellllooooo Jesus!

Leaving aside the fact that Sleiman is an actual Muslim (as opposed to just playing one on TV), David Henson over at Patheos points out that the idea of a Middle Eastern actor playing a Middle Eastern character shouldn’t be controversial in the slightest (and, really, his religion should be irrelevant as well):
I mean, if you were filming a Martin Luther King, Jr., miniseries, you wouldn’t cast Jim Caviezel or Diogo Morgado in the lead role. It’d be ridiculous and racist and insulting.
They’d be laughed right off the screen.
But when it comes to Jesus of Nazareth?
Jesus of Palestine?
Jesus of the Middle East?
Apparently, only white Europeans can play the savior of the world.
And he’s 100 percent correct: whether you believe he existed or not, Jesus cannot have been white; not because a white man couldn’t be the son of God, but simply because he was a Palestinian Jew. Those don’t come in “vanilla.”
But if you’ll recall, Fox’s most popular Stepford Wife, Megyn Kelly, sent the right wing into a defensive frenzy last year by declaring that Jesus was definitely white. Because in the not-at-all-racist world of the right wing, God is white. But not just white, he’s “White.” Even hinting at the idea that Jesus might be one of “those people” is enough to make not-at-all-racist religious conservatives foam at the mouth.
Just as a side note: Haaz Sleiman, who, again, is a Muslim, has played both a gay Muslim AND a terrorist, a fact that will not escape the not-at-all-bigoted right wing when they flip out, en masse, over this.
The clowns over at are already working themselves up into a lather over the de-whitening of Jesus and it’s just matter of time until the terrible horrible news makes the rounds. I doubt Fox will try to hype the outrage because it’s O’Reilly’s movie but that won’t stop AM Hate Radio or right wing blogs from crying about religious persecution and racism.
But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the right will take it in stride or not even pay attention to it. He’s just an actor, after all.
Just kidding! It’s far more likely that they’re going to explode in fury with much wailing and gnashing of teeth. It’s going to be glorious to behold.
Hope its better than the mini series based off of his other book "Killing Kennedy."

I wonder if "Killing Lincoln" will get a mini series. That guy really likes putting "Killing" in book titles.
Bill O'Reilly Remix - YouTube
Gasp. Bill OReilly is making movies? Scratch that! Yawn...

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