Ruling class Princess Chelsea Clinton

The rise of a ruling class at the intersection of business and politics is the most explosive political issue of our time that remains tacit. It falls to serious conservatives to launch into mass political consciousness the importance of the seizure of power by crony capitalists aligned with big government politicians and bureaucrats who want to out more and more of the economy in the hands of government, to be distributed to its constituencies.

I have heard at least a dozen media talking heads cite the domination of the top ten richest counties by DC's suburban sprawl. That's a dramatic bit of data, and it is persuasive to the kind of people who look at data and think about it. Unfortunately, the kind of people we need to reach, to reorient from thoughtless knew-jerk liberalism, don't operate this way.

Saul Alinksy knew how to reach the low information crowd. R ule Number 13: "Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

I propose Chelsea Clinton as the poster girl for the Ruling Class. She is a princess of the ruling class, a "tell" of the techno-feudal nature of power in the new order of things. By virtue of her birth, she has been handed many things unavailable to the serfs by ruling class organs. Her gig at NBC News is a prime example of how things work when the RC is taking care of its young.
The rules that apply to you and me simply don't apply to the princelings. I don't mean to be uncharitable, but she quite obviously does not have the looks that seem to be part of the job requirements for female television news talent. And her performance to date has been embarrassing.


Blog: Ruling class Princess Chelsea Clinton


Q: Do you know why Chelsea is so ugly?

A: Janet Reno is her father.

And no, I won't stop picking on chelsee.
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Well American Thinker usually fails on the thinking end. Too bad.

I actually was drawn in by the first few lines of this particular blog. It's been my point of view that the problem isn't business or government, it's business and government--business gaming the the government to work in their interests. Millionaires working for billionaires. The cozy realtionship to which this blogger refers.

So I read on, but--true to the American Thinker modus operandi--it only took three paragraphs to turn it into partisan hackery.

Kind of funny, because the writer admits before hand that picking a personality to represent the issue is something "for the low information crowd." He basically identifies his readers as stupid -- the low information crowd.

But I doubt many will pick up on that. As I often say, the problem isn't stupid people. Thwe problem is the stupid people don't know they're stupid.

I would have liked to see the writer further explore how the media are implicated in this cozy politico/business crowd. It mentions Chelsea on NBC news. Up here, I can't help but think of Mike Duffy, Pamela Wallin and Peter Kent. I think the path from the fourth estate to politics is a little too worn right now.

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