Birth Tourism in Canada

‘Birth tourists’ believed to be using Canada’s citizenship laws as back door into the West

TORONTO — Carrying fraudulent, forged and stolen passports, dozens of Nigerian women began making their way to Toronto not long ago — so many that last year the Canada Border Services Agency identified it as a “trend.”

The women were between the ages of 20 and 35, and were traveling with the help of “facilitation” agents. “The city of Toronto is the main destination for these women because many Nigerians live there,” the CBSA wrote in an Intelligence Bulletin.

But what made the CBSA’s Migration Intelligence Section classify the various incidents as a trend wasn’t that the women were all young or Nigerians or that they were trying to slip undetected into Canada using bogus travel documents.

It was that they were all pregnant.

The three-page CBSA bulletin, titled “Movement of Pregnant Women of Nigerian Origin,” did not speculate in detail on why so many expectant Nigerians were going to such lengths to get to Toronto, but it said the pattern was “reminiscent” of an attempt to exploit birthright laws.


‚€˜Birth tourists‚€™ believed to be using Canada‚€™s citizenship laws as back door into the West | National Post
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Do you think its time to revamp our immigration laws? The time has come
to examine everything. We have to put an end to if born of prospective
immigrants you automatically become Canadian. If your parents are Canadian
you are automatically Canadian that is what should be. Just because you get
to land on Canadian soil should not automatically mean you get endless hearings.
It should mean, if nabbed or detected authorities should deport you preferably
before midnight.
All immigrants should be subject to five years waiting period and five years clean
record meaning a probation period if one commits a criminal act.
Attempted terrorism automatic deportation after serving a sentence.
That is for starters.

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