Item 12 in bill 14 would revoke bilingual status from any town in Quebec where the English speaking population falls below 50%.

As far as I am aware, Bill 14 is not yet law. It needs to be approved by the National Assembly where the PQ currently has a minority government. However, I believe some may have jumped the gun and have already started applying bill 14. I was driving by D.D.O. just the other day. I had not driven by this part of the West Island in quite a spell. I passed by the building that houses the Civic Center, Library and City Hall. To my amazement I noticed that the exterior signage identifying the Civic Center, Library and City Hall were in French Only. D.D.O is (or at least was) a town with bilingual status which is (or was) required to provide services in both English and/or French to it's citizens. This also includes identifying municipal buildings in both languages so it's citizens can read the signs regardless which language they speak. I guess D.D.O. town coucil assumes that Bill 14 will pass.

See here for contents of Bill 14 (click on the first link under Introduction):
Bill n°14 : An Act to amend the Charter of the French language, the Charter of human rights and freedoms and other legislative provisions - National Assembly of Québec