How not to load a tractor trailer

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Semi Trailer Collapses In Rock Island

The trailer of a semi truck collapsed Thursday morning, July 19, 2012 as the driver was approaching the train tracks at the intersection of 44th Street and 5th Avenue near the Quad City Industrial Center building.

Illinois State Police said the truck was hauling freight and the frame rails underneath the trailer probably cracked. No one was hurt.

Police detoured traffic from 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue since the truck was blocking the intersection.

Joe Dohrn, of Dohrn Transfer Company, issued a statement about the incident Thursday afternoon.

“Dohrn Transfer had an accident this morning, July 19th 2012, where a trailer that a tractor was pulling lost structural integrity and broke apart on a road in Rock Island, IL.

“We take any incident like this very seriously, and as this was an abnormal incident, we immediately inspected all of the shipments that were on this trailer for delivery.

“This inspection led us to discover that one of the shipments on the trailer was tendered to us with significantly inaccurate information.

This shipment was tendered to us at 6,325 pounds, but upon reweigh, we learned that the shipment actually weighed 13,644 pounds.

the rest of pics, story and video:

Semi Trailer Collapses In Rock Island | — Quad Cities News & Weather from WQAD Television, Channel 8

h/t Fark
lone wolf
Wasn't straw broke that camel's back....
LOL.. a picture really is worth 1000 words..
OOps something wrong with the scales or the guy that operated them.
lone wolf
You'd think someone would know where the wheels were....
.........A false manifest!!

Someone just lost a job.
Actually, it is more likely that the trailer was structurally unsound before it was loaded. I've seen this in the past. A good pre-trip would have caught this before it happened.
More probably it was 6325 KG. Not LBs. Either way that difference should not have broken a trailer that was sound.
A van of this type can carry up to of 45, 000 lbs keeping it well below the GVW of 80,000 lbs required by DOT, and that is just non permit standards.

I have carried over 70,000 lbs with permits. The weight was not the issue, the structural integrity of the trailer was the factor.
This story begs for more details such as; What is the weight limit structurally? I have always gone by a 1,000 lbs per foot.

The trailer cracked in the middle roughly.

A 13,644 pound load spread out would not have that. I'm guessing that this was a pickup of 6-8 skids and that there was already freight in the nose of the trailer so that this pickup was placed in the centre of the trailer.

One must also wonder how many times this particular shipper has gotten away with paying less for his shipments by being deceptive on the true weight?

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