The Simple Idea Behind Einsteinís Greatest Discoveries

The Simple Idea Behind Einsteinís Greatest Discoveries
By K.C. Cole
Contributing Writer
June 26, 2019
'' . . . future thinkers might ponder physics using the
information encoded in quantum entanglements,
which weave the space-time to grow potatoes in the first place.''
Future thinkers need to ponder about ''an absolute space-time''
where ''potatoes-particles grow '' in the first place.
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We live in concrete Euclidean / Descartes world ( 3-D + time )
Minkowski's '' an absolute space-time '' is a different world.
Why physicists use the mathematically beauty of 4-D and give
ONLY an ABSTRACT, not CONCRETE image of this beautiful WORLD ?
Until we don't see the concrete image of 4-D, '' the Emperor is nude''
/ Fairy Tales For a Big Children / ( if you have time )
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Curious Cdn
Only 4D?

Why so few?
My favorite dimension.

If SRT is true theory, then
why an absolute 4-D is an abstract concept ?
There is quantum particle and there is an absolute 4-D
Q-particle travels with constant speed (c) in an absolute 4-D
Its speed is very fast then the 4-D sizes are not micro but huge
Can 4-D be observed ?
The second postulate is stated as:
Light is always propagated in empty space with a definite -
- constant velocity (c ) that is independent of the state
of motion of the emitting body.
Is ''empty space'' an absolute 4-D ?
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Review is the way to go, such as review the bending light via gravity experiment from 100 years ago would show he was wrong, flat out wrong. Maybe it was a social experiment to show people will swallow lies if it comes from a certain respected person. At one time it was thought that governments don't lie when the facts show they never tell the truth. That is more than a 'small error'.
Curious Cdn
Four dimensions?

Wadda cheapskate.

How about N dimensions?
Quote: Originally Posted by Curious Cdn View Post

Four dimensions?

Wadda cheapskate.

How about N dimensions?

That's right. In a multiverse, the possibilities are infinite.
Curious Cdn
Quote: Originally Posted by Cliffy View Post

That's right. In a multiverse, the possibilities are infinite.

The possibilties are infinite, everywhere, all of the time in all dimensions.
Multiverse . . . Multiverse
Debates . . . . Debates
One galaxy = One universe
Billion galaxies = Billion universes (Multiverse = Many Worlds)
The system of Many Worlds is homogeneous and isotropic
It means in all Many Worlds exist and work one and the same
structure of ATOM = PROTON + ELECTRON
Electron changes its parameters thanks LIGHT
We don't know what Light is
We don't know what Electron is
We don't know: Where did Proton come from ?
Maybe we need to understand Light, Electron, Proton at first
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J.J. Thomson discovered ''electron''
Fifth Solvay International Conference
on Electrons and Photons,
''where the worldís most notable physicists met
to discuss the newly formulated quantum theory.''
What are Electrons and Photons?
This question is still waiting an answer.
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The Simple Idea Behind Einstein’s SRT
1 - "On a Heuristic Viewpoint Concerning the Production and Transformation of Light"
By Einstein, June 9, 1905
(proposed the idea of energy quanta: E=h*f)
2 - "On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies" (SRT)
By Einstein, September 26. 1905
And as Postscript
3 - "Does the Inertia of a Body Depend Upon Its Energy Content?"
. . . yeas, the inertia of ''electrodynamics of maving bodies''
(photons, electrons . . . ) depends on E=Mc^2
By Einstein, September 27, 1905
4 --- E=h*f (+) E=Mc^2 . . . ???
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SRT (1905 - 2020)
Einstein's SRT can be summarized in one sentence:
SRT is based on Maxwell / Lorentz theory of EM and light
(and Michelson-Morley experiment ) . . .
therefore SRT is theory about behavior
of an electron - light particle in the vacuum
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