Canada Post, Efficient as Ever!

So yesterday I wanted to ship a small parcel to the US. I went on line, did the click-to-ship thing, where you can print out everything and pay for shipping, and then drop it in a mailbox, which I did. Dropped it in a mailbox last night.

Today, in the mail, I get my package. Great service. Except it's supposed to be going to Buffalo, NY. I'm the sender, not the receiver. I guess Canada Post can't read THEIR OWN FORMS!!! It's not like I did a crappy job filling out the paperwork, it's all generated by canadapost online!
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Keep in mind you're in NB.
Quote: Originally Posted by petros View Post

Keep in mind you're in NB.

Yeah, many of our good people are in SK and AB.
Yes indeed there are.
Ouch. This is starting to become a trend on here.

Talk to DaS, he had a similar problem.

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