Best computer hardware store in Kelowna?

Hi, guys

I'm from Calgary myself but I'm going to visit a friend in Kelowna and have been asked to help them build a new computer. I know all the good computer hardware stores in Calgary (my favorite is MemoryExpress) but have no idea about Kelowna at all.

I need something for hardware custom built computer enthusiasts, overclockers, tweakers, tinkerers and so on. And I need good no-rip-off prices. I tried looking online for "best computer stores in Kelowna" but it's not as clear-cut as you would think.

If any of you are familiar with MemoryExpress in Calgary and Edmonton, could you name one or more equivalents in Kelowna please? Preferably the kind of stores that would have a great selection and a website.

Much appreciated in advance. Thanks!
I don't know if there's any stores better than memory express but I have an computer store that's in toronto and they have a online store.

Logic Computers

I think they have pretty good prices and fast services since I buy from them most of the time.

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