Roger Clemens is used to being in the headlines - whether itís for his two World Series championships, or his seven Cy Young Awards as the top pitcher in baseball.
But in recent days, the 11-time all-star is in the news for all the wrong reasons.
After his name was included in The Mitchell Report, an exhaustive investigation of the issue of steroids in baseball released in mid-December, Clemens has been on the offensive to clear his name.
In an interview with 60 Minutes aired Sunday night, a furious Clemens disputed a claim made by his former trainer, Brian McNamee, that he was injected with steroids during his pitching career.
Clemens, 45, later filed a defamation lawsuit against McNamee and on Monday night at a news conference, again emphatically denied using steroids or any other performance enchancing drugs during his 23-year career, which included a two-season stint with the Toronto Blue Jays.
Do you believe Clemensís claims of innocence? Will the 1986 American League MVP be able to clear his name? Should he be considered for baseballís hall of fame?