Academy Of Learning- Worst School And Worst Employer

Andy Opreshyn
Anyone thinking of doing business with these jokers should think again.

I am a single mom and worked for them. They worked me like a dog, I worked a lot of overtime which I was never paid for and never had a lunch break. Then they fired me for no reason and never paid me!
I saw some pretty bad stuff going down there too. How they ripped off their students by never supplying textbooks which the students had already purchased. Their "instructor" was underqualified and too busy to help the students cause she was always on a "smoke" break. Worst of all they left student files just laying around for anyone to look at. These files had sensitive financial information and SIN numbers in them. Anyone could have ripped them off.

They never paid their bills either.
Where was this? If you are in Ontario, you're required to be given at least a 30 minute break for every five hours of work you do, as outlined in the Employment Standards Act; it is the law. If you are not receiving that, you should get in touch with your local chapter of the Ontario Labour Council, as well as consulting a lawyer or legal aid.

They also cannot withhold your pay, regardless of dismissal. You need to get a hold of a civil lawyer and pursue your options. Taking them to small claims court for your withheld wages and court costs would be a good start. If you were employed there for more than three months, they have to give you a reason for your dismissal. As well, you have the right to contact them and ask them for a Record of Employment (needed for EI anyways) that they must provide to you, by law and that has to list the reason you no longer work there; that RoE can then be used in court.

I would also contact the Better Business Bureau and file a formal complaint with them.
Too funny, I used to work there way back in the early days of the company. Fortunately for me, the owner of my school was fantastic and it was a terrific place to work. Plus, I made more working there than I do now, lol.

I'm sorry about your experience tho, that sounds nasty.
Academies seem to be springing up everywhere. A lot of them are in trouble. Two in the Kawarthas area have made the news in the last year for pretty much what you've alleged in the initial post here. It is an industry and I'm not sure if the government is able to deal effectively in monitoring it given the continuing charges levelled against the government's own employment training services.

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