Grey County council is urging Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne to do something as quickly as possible to bring hydro rates down to a “reasonable level.”

“We’re going to lose businesses in the county and in the rest of Ontario if we don’t get the costs down for hydro,” Owen Sound/Grey County Coun. Arlene Wright said during Tuesday’s county council meeting.

Wright moved the motion, which also “strongly urges” Wynne to find out the reasons behind the escalating costs.

The resolution says the cost of hydro has doubled — and in some cases more than doubled — in the past five years, which is forcing businesses to consider leaving the area and has made it difficult for many families to keep up with their monthly payments.

“I am concerned about families but I’m also concerned about industry because if we don’t have industry, we won’t have jobs for families,” Wright said.

The most recent increase in hydro rates came on May 1 when the cost for peak periods climbed by 4.7% from 12.9 cents per kilowatt hour to 13.5 cents. Off-peak rates — which are in effect in the summer from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. on weekdays as well as on weekends and holidays — are 7.5 cents a kwh.

The average household electricity bill is now $125 a month. Ontarians have been warned to brace for a 33% hike in hydro rates over the next three years, which would increase the average monthly bill to more than $165.

The Ontario Chamber of Commerce, in its 2013 submission to the province’s long-term energy plan review, said Ontario does not offer competitive electricity prices, particularly for large-power consumers.

“Ontario needs to be able to compete on a level playing field with other jurisdictions if it is to retain an investment attraction profile in the international arena. Electricity prices are a key component to competitiveness,” the paper says.

Premier asked to 'do something' about hydro rates | Owen Sound Sun Times


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Ontario Premier asked to reduce hydro rates as businesses & people flee the province
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