New Canadian Forces Recruiting Videos

I have been doing some searches and what not, now I have seen only articals in the paper and on News Sites, But I have yet to chatch them on TV. Can anyone tell me where I can go to View these New Recruiting Comercails...I ahve checked the Forces sites and DND sites and cant find them on there ethier.

Any Help is much apprecaited.
I think not
I am a freqent user of Youtube, Havent yet seen that one ITN, thanks I enjoyed it.

Have you ever whatched any of the firefights? they are pretty interesting, some ambushes and raids are on there too.

A few good Americans in Iraq Videos also, worth a look.

But yes still looking for a recruitment Video.
Thanks ITN

Yeah, watched a number of those videos of troops in Afghanistan.

Lots of peacekeeping going on there!

I'm not sure that's what ESS was looking for though.....
Colby just looking for the new Recruitment commercails that the Forces Recruiting have made. They are apperantly all over Tv but me nor my friends have yet to see them.
I picked up a few mp3 's at the canada serve centre --royal military college ,Navy ,and todays army

very nice looking discs they were free and have www. on them --havent had a look at them
all about how to join, recruting
immpressive marketing though
"Go to recruiting office,or contact them!!"

the british give out dvd's to local brits when they start the application process

my gosh go to

Iwas a little scared when I heard band muisc (quality sound I'm just accustomed to trance and hardcore) very 80, 90's tv.. really is quality no sarcasm on that one..
contact them about any videos..i know they have mini discs or did for the branches

I''m not eligible for service because the canadian system says I'm mentally disabled and convicted of commiting criminal acts. may have been eligible in britain prior to the reinforcement of my psychotic behavioral issues, go figure the system says i'm convicted of tresspassing assault and a psychotic and civily disfunctional and I don't qualify for the military, no wonder so many canadians are being killed.. I bet I'd have a chance at the taliban forces.

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