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Some shots
I have seen some of those pics before mom, your right they are although the story about "coffee crisis" caught my eye. We cannot have a coffee crisis mom, we can't!
Theres no way that shark is real Pic 5 in Showcase Earth
The shark was taken in a deep water drift net mom. Have you never read 20,000 leagues under the sea nobody really knows whats down there mom
NO SHIT pardon the language that thing is friggin huge I'm going to think twice before I ever swim in the chuck again
Mom thats nothing. You must not have heard of the legend of the kraken also known as architeuthis. I tell ya mom that sharks got nothing on architeuthis. I have always taken a shine to the family since I had a mind meld with one at a aquarium in chicago when I was a kid... Beware mom of architeuthis :P
Hard-Luck Henry

Vanni Fucci
Aye, I remember when I was naught but a wee lad, and me father would tell me, "Son, of one thing ye can be certain. Depending upon her mood, the heart of a woman can be tender and warm, or cold as the creatures from the deeps of the sea. And mark me when I say, there be monsters down there boy." Such were the raving words of me dear old dad...
Henry I know where you got the picture, I have been there many times Did your pa have a wooden leg vanni.
Architeuthis, is not really a myth or a legend tho, it exists, but it has never been observed or studied in its natural habitat.. The largest recorded specimen was about 20m in total length and around 900 kg. Caught off New Zealand in 1880. But I know there are bigger ones. :P
Its only enemy is the sperm whale, so this is no bar room brawl, more like the clash of the titians. What a battle that must be eh? :P They also have the biggest eye in the animial kingdom, and its not a simple eye either. Blah! I hope man never finds his kingdom :P
The pic of the Great White is a bit deceiving. It looks like the camera is closer to the great white and the man on the boat is considerably further away. It looks like the shark is being loaded to is not directly over the boat.

None the less, they frighten the heck out of me!
Heres another interesting pic of the sky Anybody have any idea whats going on there
Hey mom they call them haarp clouds...
Jo Canadian
Those are good pics. The first deer one is definetly painting material...I may just do that, I like juxtopositions and that the image itself is quite surreal.

As far as the shark thing goes, that looks like the real deal to me. When deep sea creatures are brought up, many never look like they naturally do. Depressurization and gravity can do awful things to them.

Speaking of the Kraken check this recent discovery out.

Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni is NOT a giant's it's bigger!

I love the tentacle hooks!!
THANKS! Jo, now I have to go find out more, the most fascinating creature I have ever encountered. hey Jo, feel free to correct any spelling or grammer mistakes
Jo Canadian

hey Jo, feel free to correct any spelling or grammer mistakes

I'd love to, but I'm rushing between phone calls to finish a post, it's busy today and not easy. Anyways since I'm done skool me think im riting qwite gooder.

More collosal squid info here
Dam you Jo, I gotta tend my garden, now you got me interested. I read an account from a russian boat happenstancing on a great battle between a architeuthis and a sperm whale. Jules Verne could not have done better

Deep, deep down in the sea sleeps a giant architeuthis. He has a weird dream of darkness and deepness, about consuming the entire universe, and sometimes his arms roll in the sleep. Then floods and hurricanes take their way around the world, but the architeuthis isn't aware.
Once every twenty thousand years, when the roof of the sky has returned to its old position, he awakes and glides through the sea, hungry. He eats whales or giant sharks or other kalmars or whatever he can find. But don't be afraid, tonight, he will not awake, he will sleep for some thousend years or more.
Hey Jo thanks alot for those links, 20,000 leagues under the sea is no longer fiction. A mantle length of 2.5 metres Wouldn't you like to see that his name is a tongue twister tho, Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni the "colossal squid". So cool, thanks Jo
Jo Canadian

A mantle length of 2.5 metres

yeah, that one was supposed to be a juvenille too.

You wouldn't get calamari rings from those guys but calamari bracelets and headbands, but apparently they taste like ammonia because they live so deep.

I still like the tentacle hooks though.
kalamari rings the size of tires I guess that would be okay for fred flintstone :P Check this link out Jo, vey vey interesting read, but thats archithethis the great mystery.....hope he gets to stay that way to. This is a great link Jo, check it out
Ten Packs
Quote: Originally Posted by peapod

THANKS! Jo, now I have to go find out more, the most fascinating creature I have ever encountered. hey Jo, feel free to correct any spelling or grammer mistakes

Well - for a start.... it's grammar.....

Strange pics of Skull and Bones fountain

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