Quit Picking on Hillary...........

The title needs a question mark, What Happened?.
Why no-one talks about how “nice” Hillary Clinton is…

Over 11 months after her (catastrophically bad) loss in the Presidential election, the Guardian is still gamely waving Hillary Clinton’s battle standard. Apparently Clinton is currently doing the press circuit in the UK to promote her book “What Happened”, culminating in a hard-hitting political interview….on the Graham Norton Show.

Zoe Williams , Guardian-columnist and leading candidate for shallowest person in the world, watched this interview and decided to ask the hard question :

Why does nobody mention that Hillary Clinton is perfectly nice?

The comments on said article went into great detail about how nice Clinton is. That’s why they were moderated to oblivion and closed after just a few hours. So, since The Guardian doesn’t want answers to Ms Williams’ question BTL, we’ll post them here, above the line. That’s what we’re for, after all.

In brief, no one talks about how nice Hillary Clinton is…because she isn’t. She’s a liar and a war criminal . That’s not a debate or an opinion, those are proven facts. But, while this answer is complete, it’s hardly a fair response to a column Ms Williams must have spent dozens of minutes writing. Maybe a more detailed reply would be…nicer.

Firstly, let’s address Clinton’s persona, what Ms Williams refers to as the:

Wow”, we’re supposed to think, “she’s just like one of us. She’s so normal.” I’m unclear on whether Zoe Williams is a complete idiot…or just thinks her readers are.

Either way she’s displaying a remarkably bad understanding of the English language – even for a Guardian journalist. Seeming to have no notion of what “nice” and “normal” actually mean. Ms Williams would have us think it normal to lie…a lot…in order to further your own ambitions. It seems Ms Williams thinks of starting wars as the behaviour of “nice” people, and a military coup as “just one of those things”.


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Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

The title needs a question mark, What Happened?.

LOL, Maybe even a WTF? just happened...?
(Hey everyone, don't forget what you learned about the deep gov't and news media through all of this!)
"Over 11 months after her (catastrophically bad) loss in the Presidential election"

she only won the popular vote by 3 milliopn
In 2009, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton excused a coup in Honduras to stop a possible second term by a progressive president, but the U.S. now sits by as a right-wing president steals a second term, says Rick Sterling.

After midnight on election night, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) stopped posting updates and effectively shut down for the next 36 hours. The TSE’s president, David Matamoros Batson, said the TSE had received 13,000 tally sheets but was missing 6,000 from the total. With just over 18,000 total, this does not quite add up. Then two hours later, Matamoros increased the number of missing tally sheets to 7,500. When updates resumed, mid-day last Tuesday, the results consistently favored the incumbent right-wing President Juan Orlando Hernandez. The opposition lead steadily diminished then disappeared.

The leader of the Opposition Coalition against the Dictatorship, Salvador Nasralla, denounced the apparent malfeasance and protests commenced across the country. Police and military have sometimes responded violently. Numerous unarmed Hondurans have been killed over the past five days.

On Monday, more than a week after the election, the TSE announced results giving a narrow victory to the incumbent National Party President Juan Orlando Hernandez. As mass protests continue, the opposition has demanded a recount of all the tally sheets received after the TSE shutdown.

The current National Party government derives from the 2009 military coup, which overthrew the moderately progressive President Manuel Zelaya supposedly because he simply considered the possibility of seeking a second term. When Zelaya was kidnapped in the 2009 coup, he was flown directly from Tegucigalpa to the U.S. government’s Palmerola Air Base just 48 miles from the capital.


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Not enough of a contribution to the clinton mob rule welfare fund I take it?

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