Daily Mail: Donald Trump's calls to world leaders . . .

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Daily Mail: Donald Trump's calls to world leaders . . .
By Geoff Earle,
Deputy U.s. Political Editor For Dailymail.com, 1 day ago
1 - He and Vladimir Putin are like 'two guys in a steam bath,'
2 - Obama AND Bush as 'don't know BS,'
3 - Angela Merkel 'stupid'
4 - Theresa May weak
her approach to Brexit, NATO and immigration was 'spineless'.
5 - Putin 'just outplays'
6 - with Putin he routinely characterizes his predecessors
as 'imbeciles' and weaklings.'
7 - while Putin destabilizes the West, Trump 'sits there
and thinks he can build himself up enough as
a businessman and tough guy that Putin will respect him.'
8 - White House staff were left 'flabbergasted' by Trump's
manner in phone calls with Putin in which he would
constantly seek his counterpart's approval.
9 - One official compared Putin to a chess grandmaster
and Trump to an occasional player of checkers.
10 - Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison was regularly
'bullied' and disparaged in a hostile and aggressive way
during calls with Trump,
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Ex-FBI agent Strzok due out with book about Trump, Russia
By ERIC TUCKER, Associated Press
“In this book," he added, “I use that background to explain how
the elevation by President Trump and his collaborators of
Trump’s own personal interests over the interests of the country
allowed Putin to succeed beyond Stalin’s wildest dreams, and
how the national security implications of Putin’s triumph will
persist through our next election and beyond.”
Though Mueller did not allege a criminal conspiracy between
Moscow and the Trump campaign, the publisher said that in
the book, Strzok “grapples with a question that should concern
every U.S. citizen: When a president appears to favor personal
and Russian interests over those of our nation, has he become
a national security threat?”
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