Physics Needs Philosophy / Philosophy Needs Physics

Physics Needs Philosophy / Philosophy Needs Physics
Philosophy has always played an essential role in the
development of science, physics in particular,
and is likely to continue to do so
By Carlo Rovelli on July 18, 2018
Contrary to claims about the irrelevance of philosophy for science,
philosophy has always had, and still has, far more influence on physics
than commonly assumed. A certain current anti-philosophical ideology
has had damaging effects on the fertility of science.
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After Ptolemy, Copernicus, Galileo . . .
After Newton, Leibniz, . . .
After Faraday, Maxwell, Boltzmann, . . .
After Einstein, . . . Bohr, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, . . .
1 - What is space?
2 - What is time?
3 - What is matter ?
4 - What is the “present”?
5 - Is the world deterministic?
6 - Do we need to take the observer into account to describe nature?
7 - What is the quantum wave function?
8 - What exactly does “emergence” mean?
9 - Does a theory of the totality of the universe make sense?
10 - Does it make sense to think that physical laws themselves might evolve?
11 - The big-bang , the expanding universe . . . ?
12 - Dark matter, dark energy, black holes, . . . ?
It is clear, nowadays we don't have philosophy of science
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The “God Particle” Death
Amrit Srečko Šorli
Sep 1, 2019
A few years ago CERN announced the epochal discovery of the
Higgs boson, called also “God particle”. First, let us see what
they “discover”. They discover that extremely rarely by proton
collisions (once in a million of collisions) a particular flux of energy
is released which has been given the name “Higgs boson”.
Millions of collisions need to happen that here and there a Higgs
boson is released. Higgs boson has an extremely short lifetime.
This discovery is real and nothing can be objected so far.
I do not see anything epochal in this discovery. Higgs boson is
not more than the momentary flux, a sparkle of relativistic proton
energy, which is extremely rarely released in proton collisions.
Immediately after being born, he turns back into the vacuum,
he is dead just a fraction after its birth. Higgs boson is manmade
artificial particle and does not have the existence on its own
in the physical universe.
The idea that Higgs boson is proving the existence of the Higgs field
which is giving mass to the particles has no stable basis.
Discovery of the Higgs field proves only what was observed
and nothing more. All the rest is pure speculation with no proof.
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Ask Ethan:
What New Evidence Could Revolutionize All Of Known Physics?
By Ethan Siegel , Senior Contributor
Jul 3, 2020,
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