Trudeauís magical, mystery climate plan

because it's something, or something.

Canadaís approach to ďfightingĒ climate change is based on magical thinking.

Consider: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced to much fanfare that he is going to ratify the Paris climate treaty.

In doing so, he has pledged to lower our industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change to the same levels as former prime minister Stephen Harper promised, back when the Liberals called Harper a climate denier.

Trudeau is never going to achieve Harperís targets -- 17% below 2005 levels by 2020, 30% below by 2030 -- because our current level of technology makes it impossible to do so without causing a massive recession.


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He's an idiot the climate will ignor him.

Remember when Playboy magazine reportedly offered Sarah Palin

$4,000,000 to pose nude in an upcoming issue?

Then, Michelle Obama was offered $50.00 by National Geographic?

And remember when KFC offered a "Hillary" meal, consisting of two

small breasts and two large thighs?

Now KFC is offering the "TRUDEAU Cabinet Bucket."

It consists of nothing but left wings and azzholes.

Just keeping you up to date...

the truth

I have a plan for the Atlantic Ocean.

it's heavily tax dependent, we must hire consultants and media

half the cost of Treudy's plan.


How much does it cost to have a selfy done with him or by him?

Id be asking him where's are fukkin submariens when do we get our F-35zzz

The climate's been changing long before you filled your first diaper.

The climate is gods sheepherd, it moves us arround the planet in an orderly fashion, as prescribed by the planetary physics, as I'v heard discussed by priests.
Free Thinker
That would be a cow diaper
and it would be full of hot steaming smelly climate change rhetoric
We pile up rocks and grow fat babies out of wheat and corn and cod.

Quote: Originally Posted by Danbones View Post

That would be a cow diaper
and it would be full of hot steaming smelly climate change rhetoric

and it would be in a steaming climate change dung pond that we could drown in, if we didn't follow the safty rules

Do not operate dung handling equipment if you're stupid clumsey or stoned, it won't end roses
Free Thinker
its not so bad when its frozen
Decontaminated by the god frost, us religious type would say.

Frost will suck the oats out of you in a few hours, especially if you pass out in the slush.

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