Let's take a look at how many countries other than Britain have been ruled by a Boris...

How many countries have been ruled by a Boris?

The Spectator
16t November 2019

Boris Yeltsin in 1991 (Wojtek Laski/Getty Images)

16 November 2019
The Spectator

How many countries have been ruled by a Boris?

Russia has had two Borises in charge. Boris Godunov was tsar between 1598 and 1605, during the Time of Troubles, and was credited with improving education in the country, importing foreign teachers and sending Russian children abroad for schooling. Boris Yeltsin was president of Russia from July 1991 to December 1999, becoming the first post-communist leader of the country.

Bulgaria had three King Borises. Boris I, ruler between 852 and 889, introduced the country to Christianity. Boris II (969-977) fought the Byzantine Wars and was accidentally shot by one of his own border guards. Boris III (1918-43) has been praised for resisting the rounding-up of Bulgarian Jews demanded by Hitler. He died after returning from a meeting with Hitler and
it is claimed he was poisoned.

Boris Trajkovski was president of the Republic of Macedonia from 1999 to 2004, and struggled to establish his newly independent country. He was killed in a plane crash.