One Labour MP quickly jumped to conclusions over this morning's cyber attack against the party:

Clive Lewis’s Russia confusion

12 November 2019
The Spectator

When Labour was hit by a cyber attack this morning it wasn’t long before the finger of blame was pointed at Russia. Corbynista MP Clive Lewis suggested it was ‘dirty tricks’. He wrote:

But Mr S. recalls Lewis hasn’t always been so quick to jump to conclusions.

In the aftermath of the Salisbury poisonings in 2018, when damning evidence suggested Russia was to blame, Lewis was one of those calling for ‘a level, calm head’. He told his local paper:

‘This attack on British soil was completely outrageous. When we know beyond reasonable doubt then I think the response needs to be proportionate and strong. But we need to make sure on issues like this that the information is right.’

Lewis has since clarified his comments in relation to today’s attack.

Time for a ‘level, calm head’ perhaps?