Soora 80 in the Quran

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At the beginning, let us listen to this nice recitation of this valuable soora:

Soora 80

(In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

[Abdullah son of Ummi Maktoom was one of the companions of God’s messenger, and he was blind; the Prophet sent him to one of Quraish tribesmen to invite him to convert and embrace the Islam religion.

So when Abdullah came and talked to him, he disdained to comply with a blind and poor man, so he frowned and turned away from him and did not listen to his words.

Then Abdullah returned and told the Prophet about that, and said: “If you yourself go to him, he may comply with your words and yield to you.”

Then that man regretted afterwards about his turning away, and came to the Prophet and converted.

Therefore, these ayat were revealed:]

Quran 80: 1. One [of the Quraish tribesmen] scowled [at the blind man] and turned in aversion [away from believing.]

2. When a blind man [: Abdullah, the son of Ummi Maktuom] came [inviting] him [to believe.]

3. But you [Mohammed] know not that [had you yourself gone to invite him to believe] he might [have converted and] become purified [from the disbelief and association!]

4. Or he might have received admonition [of the Quran], and the admonition would then have profited him!

5. Then as for him who is disdainfully indifferent [to the Quran, and who gets away from it],

6. To him you [Mohammed] attend [in order to rehearse to him some of the Quran revelations.]

7. Yet nothing [of his punishment will fall] on you, if he does not purify himself [from the association.]

8. Whereas he who came to you, walking with determination [and converted],

9. While he feared [God's punishment, if he persists on his association.]

10. Him you [Mohammed] do ignore!

11. By no means; for the [Quran revelations] are indeed an admonition.

12. So let whosoever likes [to have admonition], receive the admonition [of the Quran.]

13. In honorable books.

14. Lifted up [to heaven], and kept pure [from any association with God.]

15. By the hands of the envoys.

16. Who are honorable [before God] and pious.)

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Quran 80: 17-23, which mean:

[Then God – be glorified – started to dispraise the man that is arrogant over God and His messenger, and the ungrateful to the bounties of his Lord, and He said:]
17. Cursed be man! How ungrateful [to the bounties of God] he is!

18. Of what thing has He created him?

19. From a ‘scanty seminal fluid’ has He created him, [to become a fetus in the womb of his mother] and decreed to him.

20. And has made the way [of living] easy to him.

21. Then He causes him to die, then to be buried in a grave.

22. Then if He wills, He may resurrect him.

23. No, [He wills not to resurrect him; because] he has not carried out [the duties, to] which [God] has commanded him.)

More exlanation:
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Quran 80: 24-32, which mean:

24. Now let man consider his food:

25. That We pour the [rain] water, pouring [it from the cloud.]

26. Then We split the earth [with the plant] with a fissure [to every plant.]

27. And We plant the grain therein,

[Then God – be glorified – gathered the fruits in one sentence, as did He gather the cereal or grain in one sentence, and He said:]
28. And the grape-like fruit, and the nut-kind,

[Then God – be glorified – mentioned some fruits with oblong seed, and He said:]
29. And the olive and the date-palm,

[Then God – be glorified – mentioned the gardens and the kinds of fruits included in them:]
30. And thick-tree'd gardens,

31. And [big-seed] fruits and the fodder:

32. A provision for you and your cattle.

Detailed explanation:
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Quran 80: 33-42, which mean:

[Then God – be glorified – threatened anyone eats of such bounties, and does not show gratitude for them, and He said:]
33. At length, when there comes the 'deafening sound',

34. On the day when man shall flee from his brother,

35. His mother and his father,

36. His wife and his sons;

37. On that day every man, will have enough [chastisement] to make him heedless [of others.]

[Then God – be glorified – started to describe the conditions of the people of the ‘gathering-together’, and He said:]
38. Some faces, on that day, shall be shining [with delight.]

39. Laughing and rejoicing [at the prosperity in Paradise.]

40. And some faces, on that day, shall be covered with blackness and depression.

41. And being overburdened with the straitened livelihood [of the Barzakh world or the Afterlife.]

42. Such are the disbelievers, the evil-doers.)

By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 80 of the Quran is completed;
So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)

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This also is another recitation of this blessed soora 80 of the Quran

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