Panties worn by Nazi dictator's wife Eva Braun on auction block

Panties worn by Nazi dictator's wife Eva Braun on auction block
Postmedia News
September 13, 2019
September 13, 2019 4:32 PM EDT
Undated and unlocated picture of German Chancellor Adolf Hitler relaxing with his then mistress Eva Braun.
If you’ve ever wanted to get into Eva Braun’s knickers, now’s your chance.
But it’s going to put a significant dent in your wallet.
Silk monogrammed white panties once worn by Braun, Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler’s long-time girlfriend and short-lived wife, are being put on the auction block Thursday in England. They are expected to fetch at least C$1,300. Also available is one of Braun’s white lace nighties, bearing her personal monogram, which should bring in the same amount as the underwear.
“These are possibly the most unusual items I have ever offered for sale in one of our international militaria auctions,” said Jonathan Humbert, owner of Humbert & Ellis Auctioneers of Towcester, England. “They are intensely private and personal ordinary items ties and yet will undoubtedly be of global interest.
“Whilst there is no substantial provenance with these items — and we wouldn’t expect there to be — the foxing and discolouration is commensurate with age and they both bear Eva Braun’s personal monogram.”
A pair of elasticated vintage silk knickers believed to have been the personal property of Eva Braun. (Humbert & Ellis Auctioneers)
While the auctioneers can’t prove without a doubt the garments were Braun’s, the panties and nightie both have her initials embroidered on the front and the label says they were made in Bavaria in 1944.
In 2016, a pair of lilac-coloured monogrammed undies owned by Braun sold for C$4,800 at an auction after expecting to fetch around $660. A silver lipstick case engraved with the initials EB sold for around $600.
Braun met Hitler in 1929 when she was 17 and married him in April, 1945. She committed suicide alongside Hitler two days after the wedding in an underground ceremony while Berlin was being stormed by the Russians.
Ummmm...Looks like Hitler may have lived in Argentina till well after the war.

A 1955 CIA Document Reported Hitler Survived World War II

Declassified CIA Document Makes Explosive Claim: Adolf Hitler Survived World War II
Curious Cdn
Gneiss Gnickers
Give them to Slipknot's Craig Jones. He'll wear them on his head.
Big head or little head?
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Big head or little head?

In the early days he used to wear women's underwear on his head before opting for the spiky gimp mask he has now.


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