Swearing may bea sign of higher intelligence.

Psychologists Explain Why You Should Be Friends With People Who Swear A Lot

Growing up, we’re usually taught to refrain from swearing because it’s inappropriate and rude. There’s definitely a bit of a social stereotype in which those who swear are seen as uneducated, but according to a recent study, potty mouths might be a lot smarter than they were once perceived.

ons of people have the opinion that people who swear frequently only do it because they don’t have the vocabulary to express themselves intelligently, but psychologists Kristin Joy of Marist College and Timothy Jay of Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts disagree with this.
According to their findings, people who use ‘taboo words’ are actually more likely to be fluent in mundane, neutral words. ‘People who use taboo words understand their general expressive content as well as nuanced distinctions that must be drawn to use slurs appropriately,’ the researchers wrote. ‘The ability to make nuanced distinction indicates the presence of more rather than less linguistic knowledge.’

Another study used technology to test thousands of Facebook statuses searching for people who use swear words and for words that indicate deception. The study found that those who used swear words were more likely to be honest. So basically, if you swear like a sailor you’re honest and intelligent.


So, y'all go fukk yourselves.
Curious Cdn
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if you swear like a sailor you’re honest and intelligent.

I actually was a sailor and I know filthy, dirty lyrics for just about every song in the juke box.

Here's really mild sample (so that I don't get tossed ... for that reason, anyway)

Question: "What's the difference between a Rolling Stone and a Scotsman?"

"One sings "Hey! You! Get offa my cloud!"

the other sings: "Hey" McCleod! Get offa my ewe!"
Then there is McC Loud, a stoned scotsman : Hey ewe, wanna get off?
Hoof Hearted
Scottish pedophile...

"Hey kid! You wanna buy some candy?"
Regular scotsman to a Blind pedo scotsman with no sense of smell:

Damn that kid looks kinda young...has ewet even been out of the barn yet?
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Q: How was the Limbo invented?

A; A Scotsman trying to sneak into a pay toilet.

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