God threatens the unbelievers with the comet

Torch light
This is in the Quran soora 86 .. hear its beautiful recitation of this short soora:


Soora 86

(In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(Quran 86: 1. [I swear] by the sky [of Nineveh] and [its] 'night visitant'!

2. But can you imagine what such 'night visitant' was!?

[Then God – be glorified – explained what that ‘night visitant’ was, so He said:]
3. It was the comet with bright light.

4. There will not be [an angel] for every soul to guard it [when the punishment will come.])

More explanation:
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Quran 86: 5-10, which mean:

(5. Now let man [who denies Our might] consider from what he was created.

6. He was created from a gushing [seminal] fluid.

7. Issuing from between the back [bone of man] and the chest bones [of woman.]

8. Certainly, He is Most Able to return him back [as a fluid.]

[Then God – be glorified – said:]
9. On the day when secret [deeds of man] shall be scrutinized.

10. And he will have neither power [with which to avoid God’s chastisement] nor helper [to help him against God.])

More explanation:
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Quran 86: 11-17, which mean:

[Then God – be glorified – swore by the heaven and the earth, which in fact is an oath of threatening and warning: implying the destruction [of the heaven and the earth], so He said:]

(11. By the [gaseous] heaven that shall return back [to its initial state of smoke.]

12. And the earth that [shall] break up.

13. Surely, this [Quran] is a conclusive word.

14. It is no frivolity.

15. The [associaters] are devising their schemes [against you, Mohammed.]

16. But, I [too] am scheming [My] schemes [to terminate them completely.]

17. So wait for the disbelievers: and give them respite for a little while.)

By God's help, the interpretation of the soora 86 of the Quran is completed;
So (praise be to God: Lord of the worlds.)

More explanation:
Torch light
This also is a recitation of this short soora by another reciter of the Quran :

The unbelievers have little to fear.

Muslims could get a lot of new members if they didn't have to wear seat-belts and/or are able to talk to God while driving and using a (Muslim only ap) on their smart phone.
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The unbelievers have little to fear.

Hiding behind a Muslim skirt so the big bad christian doesn't eat you up and spit out the heathen parts of you? You and he are pretty good at running a monologue or is that a blog with 'comments disabled'??

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