BALLS TO THAT: Human rights hearing in B.C. trans waxing war

BALLS TO THAT: Human rights hearing in B.C. trans waxing war
Postmedia News
July 19, 2019
July 19, 2019 3:41 PM EDT
Trans activist Jessica Yaniv is a freqent flier at the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. She wanted her male genitalia waxed. The owner said no.
A B.C. Human Rights Tribunal hearing over Brazilian waxes devolved into chaos this week punctuated by a slew of bizarre accusations from a transgender woman.
Jessica Yaniv, the complainant, argued she was entitled to receive the advertised wax service and that if the tribunal ruled against her it could lead to a “dangerous” precedent.
Yaniv’s claim emerged after she was denied a Brazilian wax of her male genitalia at a home salon in Vancouver.
At one point, Yaniv compared the business owner — a female immigrant of colour — to a neo-Nazi.
The lawyer for the business owner accused the complainant of engaging in “half-truths and fabrications.”
Tribunal adjudicator Devyn Cousineau frequently had to interject to maintain decorum and to keep the hearing from becoming even more chaotic.
But a substantive question remained at the core of the raucous daylong hearing: should a business be allowed to deny service on the basis of gender identity?
“You cannot choose who your clientele is going to be,” Yaniv said.
However, business owner Marcia Da Silva said she was not comfortable carrying out a Brazilian wax on a person with male genitalia, nor did she have the training for it.
Jay Cameron, Da Silva’s lawyer and litigation manager with the Alberta-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, told the hearing that a ruling against his client would be tantamount to ordering “intimate services” against someone’s will.
Yaniv has filed more than a dozen complaints and is a frequent flier at the human rights commission. She describes herself as a digital marketing expert and LGBTQ activist.
Some complaints against salons were settled outside the tribunal or withdrawn.
Trans activist Jessica Yaniv is a freqent flier at the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. She wanted her male genitalia waxed. The owner said no.
Yaniv is no shrinking violet and managed to get free-speech advocate Lindsay Shepherd banned from Twitter after the pair engaged in a war of words. Yaniv was not banned.
The complainant wanted to keep the hearing under wraps but the tribunal ruled she was so obsequious on social media there was no point.
On Wednesday, Yaniv, who is representing herself, said she came upon a Facebook ad in spring 2018 offering a promotion for a Brazilian wax, which involves the removal of pubic hair around the groin.
Da Silva testified she had just started her home-based business after previously performing waxes on family and friends.
Yaniv was the first person to respond to her ad, she said.
They agreed over text message to an afternoon appointment.
But Yaniv testified that after identifying herself as transgender and sending Da Silva a selfie, Da Silva cancelled the session.
“I have no problem with LGBT,” Da Silva said, adding she was simply not comfortable waxing male genitals and didn’t know how.
Yaniv also bombarded her with messages to the point Da Silva said she became frightened.
“For my safety, I said, ‘No,’” she testified.
Da Silva told the tribunal she defined someone who is transgender as a person who has undergone sex-reassignment surgery.
She responded affirmatively when asked if she’d perform the waxing service on someone who had undergone such surgery.
At one point, Yaniv equated the denial of service to neo-Nazism.
Under cross-examination, Cameron put to Yaniv that Brazilian waxes were services performed only around female genitalia and that what Yaniv should have sought was a “brozilian” — waxes that involve male genitalia.
That prompted Yaniv to tell the tribunal that she was intersex and had female body parts.
“It exists,” she said, declining to elaborate.
Cameron accused her of an outright “fabrication.”
“You’re attempting to mislead the tribunal,” he said.
Cameron called Yaniv’s credibility into question and earlier suggested Yaniv had used a fake Facebook profile of a pregnant woman when she initially sought out the waxing service, a claim Yaniv denied.
The tribunal heard Da Silva shut down her salon business after her encounter with Yaniv.
Earlier this month the JCCF also represented two other aestheticians who were the subject of similar complaints from Yaniv.

That prompted Yaniv to tell the tribunal that she was intersex and had female body parts.

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Rex Murphy: B.C. groin waxing case is a mockery of human rights

Jessica Yaniv, a transgender woman in B.C., has filed over a dozen human rights complaints against businesses she alleges discriminated against her on the basis of gender identity

What has happened to the noble concept of human rights?

The concept was most firmly implanted into modern consciousness after the unspeakable cruelties and mass murders of the Nazi regime were fully documented and published to the world. That was the horrid prompt for The Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. The significance for human safety and dignity were then underlined by the revelations of the degrading torments and horrors of the Soviet gulags under communism. Both were a vast canvass of what a world without human rights looks like.

It is perhaps the saddest story in the world that, since the proclamation, so many states have practised and are practising (Cambodia yesterday, North Korea and China today) terrible incursions on the pure dignity and liberty that belongs to every single human being.

It is also sad that the idea of human rights has become so degraded and trivialized.

Where is this noble idea now, particularly in the comfortable and secure West, in this era of high progressivism?

In British Columbia, there is at the present moment 16 “human rights” complaints, launched by a single person who asserts the status of “trans woman” against (mainly immigrant) female cosmeticians who — from religious sensibilities, reasons of safety, or simple personal preference — refused that person’s demand for a Brazilian waxing of their male genitals.

Do we really want to call this a human rights case? To insist, for example, that a woman perform a waxing on a penis and testicles in her own home, when she doesn’t wish to, doesn’t know how and has religious objections as well? Really? Do we think the formulators of the UN Declaration of Human Rights were careless when they left out the human right to crotch grooming?

I seriously wonder — seriously — if this story somehow made it to the ears of an incarcerated and tortured North Korean, how he would respond to the invocation of human rights law to cover such a matter? How could he, being beaten, doing forced labour on starvation rations, locked in for life, possibly with every family relation imprisoned too, intellectually or morally digest that in some way the case(s) in B.C. were being adjudicated under the same rubric of human rights as his situation?

Let me proceed to another point. The litigant in this case, while posting under his masculine name, Jonathan Yaniv, put up this: “We have a lot of immigrants here who gawk, judge and aren’t the cleanest of people, they’re also verbally and physically abusive, that’s one reason I joined a girl’s gym, cause I DON’T want issues with these people … They lie about shit, they’ll do anything to support their own kind and make things miserable for everyone else.”

So we have at a Human Rights Tribunal a person who speaks of ethnic immigrants, particularly women, as dirty and abusive and calls them “these people,” that they lie, “support their own kind” … and that person is the complainant?

Said complainant is also the person who most vilely went after Lindsay Shepherd, who is recently a mother, with a series of disgusting and most vulgar tweets — they are desperately ugly references to Shepherd’s own genitals and reproductive organs. When Shepherd responded with totally justified harshness, she was banned from Twitter! Twitter is the slop pail of political correctness, the idea it has a moral authority to rule on anything is benighted.

Back to the main storyline: some of these women, obviously under strain to provide for themselves and their families, have had to close their businesses over all this. The stress they are under — because of a human rights complaint — is itself something that might be filed under an abuse of human rights. The multiple and savage ironies in this case do not seem to enter the minds of those arbitrating what I regard as a degrading and narcissistic triviality.

The largest of these ironies has to be the publicly expressed disdain and contempt for immigrant women by the person filing complaints because that person insists — it is necessary to be blunt — they handle male genitals.

Originally, and this is the final point, the bizarre proceedings were under a publicity ban. Thankfully, the ban was challenged and is now lifted, and reports from inside the proceedings are available on internet feeds.

My question to the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal is simple: Have you no idea of balance, discretion or plain sense? Serial complaints against struggling women, forbidden by religion or good taste, or — how’s this — modesty from waxing a penis and testicles are admitted for deliberation and judgment under the banner of “human rights?”

If a day comes we in the West are judged by less fortunate people, I think there will be more anger at how precious and silly we became with all our wealth and security. So much of what we engage with is playing with the idea of rights when others are groaning under real pain in real prisons — in other words what happens when real human rights are violated. We mock them with our games.

This farce in B.C. should be terminated.

the barber should have used a straight razor to help with gender reassignment.
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Twitter is banning women who are critical of this piece of shit, further proving the point I made in another thread about social media giants manipulating public interest.
Scrotum waxing human rights complainant calls 911 on journalist
Graeme Gordon
July 26, 2019
July 26, 2019 10:15 PM EDT
Groin waxing human rights complainant and transwoman Jessica Yaniv and her mother got in a heated verbal argument with a citizen journalist at a courthouse in downtown Vancouver on Friday.
“I was there to support these ladies who have the law being used against them in such a ridiculous way,” Dan Dicks told the Sun. “So I was just going to politely ask (Yaniv) a few questions.”
Dicks said that after he informed Yaniv he was the publisher of, Yaniv was “triggered.”
“He called the police, he threatened to pepper spray me, he pulled the alarm in the elevator,” Dicks said of Yaniv.
Yaniv also asked to be escorted by security and have Dicks removed from the courtroom, both requests were denied.
Yaniv said Dicks didn’t identify himself at first and was getting close to her and her mother.
“He was getting kind of aggressive with me.”
Dicks captured the heated argument on camera and posted a clip of the encounter to Twitter.
Dicks said during the hearing the judge asked Yaniv if she was trying to entrap the defendants when she recorded audio of her conversations with the estheticians she is suing.
Yaniv, who went by “Jonathan” before self-identifying as trans, represented herself at the hearing on Friday in a case where she is trying to sue two female estheticians for $7,500 each — and their company for another $25,000 — because they declined to wax Yaniv’s pubic region.
Yaniv still has a male genitalia.
The defendants and legal representatives for either side did not show up to the hearing.
Yaniv has become an international media sensation since the publication ban was lifted barring journalists from reporting her name when covering cases before the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.
Yaniv told the Sun she thought it was “cool” she got invited on infamous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s Infowars show earlier this week, where she told Jones she’s capable of having a child.
Throughout this week young women have come forward and spoke to Montreal-based news outlet The Post Millennial, providing archived inappropriate conversations in which Yaniv allegedly changed private conversations with them to a sexual nature when the women were underage teenagers and Yaniv was in his twenties.
“It’s a bunch of crap,” Yaniv told the Sun.”I’ve gone through my account and it’s not on my account at all.”
Critics like National Post columnist Rex Murphy have argued Yaniv’s claims with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal makes a mockery of what real human rights people are entitled to.
Trans activist Jessica Yaniv is a freqent flier at the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. She wanted her male genitalia waxed. The owner said no.
Canadian free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd had her Twitter account reinstated Friday after it was previously reported she had been permanently banned by the social media giant.
“I’m back,” Shepherd tweeted with a statement from twitter that read in part: “After further review, we have unsuspended your account as it does not appear to be in violation of the Twitter Rules.”
In mid-July, the Canadian free speech activist was banned from Twitter for getting in an online spate with Jessica Yaniv.
At the time, Yaniv tweeted at Shepherd, “I heard @realDonaldTrump is building a wall inside of your uterus aka your ‘reproductive abnormality’ hopefully the walk works as intended.”
Shepherd tweeted back in kind: “At least I have a uterus, you ugly fat man.”
Lindsay Shepherd speaks during a rally in support of freedom of expression at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo on Friday November 24, 2017. (Dave Abel/Toronto Sun/Postmedia Network)
Critics of Twitter’s decision to ban Shepherd and allow Yaniv to go unpunished argued it showed the social media platform has a double-standard for some users behaving badly compared to others depending on their background.
Defenders of the decision to ban Shepherd cited Twitter’s policy that “misgendering” or not using someone’s preferred pronouns is against Twitter’s rules.
Shortly after Shepherd returned to Twitter she asked if Vancouver-based journalist and feminist Meghan Murphy would also have her account reactivated. Murphy was also was banned from the social media platform after not using Yaniv’s preferred pronouns.
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Groin-waxing human rights complainant has history of anti-immigrant comments
Graeme Gordon
July 30, 2019
July 30, 2019 6:18 PM EDT
Yaniv at the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal for a hearing last Friday. (Dan Dicks/Screengrab)
New anti-immigrant comments from self-identified transwoman Jessica Yaniv — who has complaints against female immigrant estheticians before the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal for refusing to wax her male genitalia — have surfaced, shedding more light on the complainant whose lawsuits have made international headlines.
“lol i cant stand asians (sic),” wrote Yaniv in one Facebook conversation, according to a report this week from Montreal-based news outlet The Post Millennial.
In the conversation, Yaniv described to a former online friend how she got an Asian e-commerce seller penalized on eBay.
In another conversation there’s both audio and a written message where Yaniv refers to Sikhs disparagingly.
“Can’t stand them turban f–kers,” she wrote in one message.
“Like, I was just having a joke with one of my friends on Snapchat. I was like ‘Okay, this guy is a turban f–ker.’ And the media decided to take this and make it into a whole big spiel over a three-second audio clip,” explained Yaniv to the Sun in a phone interview.
“And my defence for that is that I was pissed and the the guy literally rejected me for a massage after I mentioned I’m transgender.”
In another social media conversation — which the defence presented at the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal as evidence of Yaniv having a history of bigotry towards different minority groups — she sounds off on immigrants in B.C. generally.
“We have a lot of immigrants here who gawk and judge and aren’t exactly the cleanest people. They’re also verbally and physically abusive… They lie about s–t, they’ll do anything to support their miserable kind and make things miserable for everyone else.”
Critics such as Calgary Herald columnist Licia Corbella argued that getting one’s groin waxed is not a human right.
“Inherently, the right of a woman not to wax a man or a woman’s genitals has to be as fundamental a human right as one can find,” said employment lawyer Howard Levitt.
“I think that now that the public is looking at [Yaniv’s human rights claims,] and realize how outrageous it is, the B.C. Tribunal, fearful for keeping their jobs — will find a way to dismiss these cases. …The public glare is a wonderful thing sometimes.”
Yaniv told the Sun she was only discriminated against and rejected from getting a Brazilian wax once she disclosed she is transgender to 16 salons.
“These estheticians do male waxing,” claims Yaniv. “All of these waxing treatments were under the name Jonathan. It was only after I mentioned that I’m transgender that they ended up [declining] me service.”
Scrotum waxing human rights complainant calls 911 on journalist
BALLS TO THAT: Human rights hearing in B.C. trans waxing war
Calgary constitutional lawyer Jay Cameron is providing pro bono legal representation to five of the 13 respondents, some minority women, that Yaniv is suing and disputes Yaniv’s claims.
“The idea that the state would compel or punish a woman who is not trained and who is not comfortable to wax male genitals and fine her for refusing on the basis of gender identity or expression is just beyond the pale,” said Cameron
The Post Millennial also reported on sexually inappropriate conversations Yaniv allegedly had with then-underage girls.
“From speaking to five victims, three of which I profiled for The Post Millennial, I learned Yaniv demonstrated patterns of clearly disturbing sexual and emotionally abusive behaviour, specifically towards young girls,” said journalist Anna Slatz.
“Of the three girls I profiled, two had been subjected to vastly inappropriate and unwanted attentions from Yaniv when they were just 14 years old. The attentions surrounded sex, menstruation, and access to various women’s washrooms where Yaniv seemed to believe nude young girls would be present.”
Yaniv told the Sun “It’s a bunch of crap,”
“Yaniv’s assertion that the victims I profiled provided fake or photoshopped is demonstrably untrue,” says Slatz.
Levitt says the Human Rights Tribunals in Canada tend to “go on messianic, ideological missions… They attract as their judges or as their supposedly neutral chairs radical zealots in lots of cases. And they interpret the law to enhance their own power and jurisdiction, and pursue the standards of political correctness that are anathema to most Canadians.”
Citizen journalist banned from Twitter after groin-waxer tweets
Graeme Gordon
July 30, 2019
July 30, 2019 7:33 PM EDT
Citizen journalist and conspiracy theorist Dan Dicks had his account belatedly suspended by Twitter on Monday after misgendering groin-waxing human rights complainant Jessica Yaniv.
On Friday, Dicks attended Yaniv’s hearing at the B.C. Human Rights Commission where the transgender woman is suing two estheticians for $7,500 each and the salon for $25,000 for refusing to give her a Brazilian wax.
Yaniv claims they — along with nearly a dozen other estheticians she’s suing — refused because she’s transgender.
The defendants claim its because Yaniv has male genitalia.
Groin-waxing human rights complainant has history of anti-immigrant comments
Scrotum-waxing human rights complainant calls 911 on journalist
BALLS TO THAT: Human rights hearing in B.C. trans waxing war
Polarizing free-speech activist Lindsay Shepherd banned from Twitter
“‘Jessica’ is currently requesting the security guards walk him out of the building and they said they can’t do that,” read one of Dicks’s flagged tweets.
“Hahaha! Thank you, next,” Tweeted Yaniv Monday of the news of Dicks’s suspension, proudly showing her report that successfully got Dicks suspended.
Misgendering is when someone does not use another’s preferred pronouns.
Initially, Twitter informed Dicks the reported tweets did not violate their policies, but that soon changed.
Twitter gave Dicks the option of deleting the tweets or appealing. Dicks told the Sun he’s appealing the suspension.
This latest suspension comes on the heels of Twitter reinstating Canadian free speech activist Lindsay Shepherd’s account.
Shepherd was ostensibly banned earlier this month for tweets that also misgendered Yaniv, but Twitter reversed course this week and reinstated her account.
Waving stun gun on livestream lands transgender body waxing activist behind bars
Bryan Passifiume
August 8, 2019
August 8, 2019 3:57 PM EDT
B.C. transgender activist Jessica Yaniv, right, brandishes an electric stun gun during a live interview with commentator Blaire White on Monday, Aug. 5. RCMP officers arrested Yaniv at her home hours later. COURTESY YOUTUBE
Brandishing a stun gun during an online interview has landed a contentious transgender activist in hot water.
Mounties arrived at the Langley, B.C. apartment of Jessica Yaniv Monday, just hours after she demonstrated the weapon during a live YouTube interview with transgender commentator Blaire White.
“I don’t need to be scared in my own house, that I’m going to get f—in’ attacked,” Yaniv said, the rest of her sentence drowned out by the sparking stun gun she stuck into the camera.
“Which is illegal in Canada, just sayin’”
Hours later, RCMP knocked on her door.
Placed under arrest, Yaniv spent several hours in custody before being released.
Yaniv, 32, gained notoriety over ongoing human rights complaints against B.C. aestheticians — many newcomers to Canada — who declined to give the transgender woman a brazilian wax, due to her penis and testicles.
Yaniv claims the RCMP were “well aware” of her weapons, given to her she says by a friend concerned for her safety.
Citizen journalist banned from Twitter after groin-waxer tweets
Groin-waxing human rights complainant has history of anti-immigrant comments
CORBELLA: Not a human right to have women wax male genitalia
BALLS TO THAT: Human rights hearing in B.C. trans waxing war
Scrotum waxing human rights complainant calls 911 on journalist
“They all knew I had these weapons as I showed it to them in my house,” Yaniv said in an interview with the Toronto Sun.
“The stun guns, the pepper spray and bear spray were all visibly present on my kitchen counter when RCMP were there.”
The National Post reported Wednesday two conductive-energy weapons, pepper spray and bear spray were seized from Yaniv’s home, and that Mounties couldn’t confirm her allegations that police were aware — and ostensibly condoned — her ownership of the weapons.
Trans activist Jessica Yaniv Twitter
Stun guns and pepper spray are prohibited weapons under the Criminal Code, and convictions can result in up to 10 years in prison.
Yaniv claims she wasn’t formally charged, but released with a “promise to appear.”
Online video of a confrontation last month with blogger Dan Dicks featured Yaniv threatening to pepper spray him if he didn’t stop asking her questions.
Her human rights case has been overshadowed by allegations her complaints are racially motivated, and accounts reported by Anna Slatz in the Post Millennial of sexually inappropriate conversations with then-underage girls.
She dismissed the Post Millennial reports as untrue, claiming the right-leaning news site is owned and funded by John Carpay — the lawyer representing defendants in her human rights case.
Aside from being an occasional contributor, the Sun found no evidence of Carpay’s involvement with the site.
Mounties also confirmed to the National Post a complaint by Yaniv claiming she was anonymously sent child pornography via Facebook.
Yaniv, who sent a heavily-redacted screen capture of the message to the Sun, claims it’s an attempt to discredit her.
Among the complaints documented in chat logs by the Post Millennial were sexualized Facebook conversations between Yaniv and then-underaged girls that included offers to send child pornography.
Yaniv, who has not been charged by police, denies these allegations.
He is Trudeau's fault

to the gallows with the guilty.
In a semi related story a couple in Ontariowe got $21000 from Air Canada from the bilingualism thought police because the exit signs had the french instructions in smaller letters than the English.
The Facist left is destroying our whole way of life and getting away with it.
MANDEL: Trans activist learns testicle waxing not a human right
Michele Mandel
October 23, 2019
October 23, 2019 9:00 AM EDT
Trans activist Jessica YanivTwitter
It’s not a human right to force someone to wax your genitalia.
Now that would seem to be self-evident, yet it took five days of hearings and months of deliberation for B.C.’s human rights tribunal to come up with that obvious decision. Unfortunately, too many poor, vulnerable home aestheticians eking out a living in the Vancouver-area were dragged through the human rights muck for declining to perform a manzillian on a transgender opportunist named Jessica Yaniv.
The apologetic aestheticians insisted they were either not trained in waxing male private parts or uncomfortable doing so. Surely, that’s their right. Yaniv claimed their refusal to wax her, scrotum and all, was discrimination on the basis of her transgender identity and expression.
To its credit, the tribunal recognized these complaints as the shakedown they were. And so Yaniv was the one ordered to pay up — to the tune of $2,000 each to three of the aestheticians — for her “extortionate behaviour.”
Trans activist Jessica Yaniv is a freqent flier at the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal. She wanted her male genitalia waxed. The owner said no.
“Ms. Yaniv has engaged in a pattern of filing human rights complaints which target small businesses for personal financial gain and/or to punish certain ethnic groups which she perceives as hostile to the rights of LGBTQ+ people,” wrote Devyn Cousineau in her ruling released Tuesday.
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Cousineau rejected Yaniv’s argument that since the women performed Brazilian waxes on female nether regions, they should have been willing to do the same for her male equipment. The tribunal had to spell out the nitty gritty of how a “brozillian” or “manzillian” involves prolonged manipulation of male genitalia — not to mention the arousal that often goes along with it — which can offend a female aesthetician’s religion or comfort level.
This is not a case of someone who refuses to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple or rent out a room to a transgender person, Cousineau noted.
“Human rights legislation does not require a service provider to wax a type of genitals they are not trained for and have not consented to wax,” she wrote.
More problematic, Cousineau found, were the aestheticians who refused to wax her arms or legs once Yaniv disclosed she was transgender, saying they “only do ladies.” That might have been a violation of the human rights code if the tribunal didn’t dismiss Yaniv’s multitude of complaints for bad faith.
In addition to targeting small businesses for financial gain, Cousineau charged, Yaniv was “also motivated to punish racialized and immigrant women based on her perception that certain ethnic groups, namely South Asian and Asian communities, are “taking over” and advancing an agenda hostile to the interests of LGBTQ+ people.
It didn’t help her case that the tribunal was shown numerous anti-immigrant comments made by Yaniv on Twitter. How ironic that someone lodging countless human rights complaints would be so bigoted herself.
Yaniv tried to make the waxing appointments with the aestheticians — none were white — through Facebook Marketplace and used a series of deceptions before finally disclosing she was transgender. She was never really after waxing services, the tribunal found, “but rather setting the stage for a human rights complaint and the anticipated financial settlement that she hoped would follow. ”
Waving stun gun on livestream lands transgender body waxing activist behind bars
Scrotum waxing human rights complainant calls 911 on journalist
In all, Yaniv filed 15 complaints seeking as much as $15,000 in damages against each aesthetician.
The Calgary-based Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms represented three of the women, two of whom shuttered their businesses because of the complaints. “They are all exceedingly relieved. One of them was crying and that speaks to the level of relief that she felt,” said lawyer Jay Cameron. “No woman should be compelled to touch male genitals against her will, irrespective of how the owner of the genitals identifies.”
Or as British comedian Ricky Gervais so wisely tweeted about this ridiculous waste of time and resources: “It is a woman’s right to say ‘I don’t wax testicles. On a man or a woman.’ End of discussion. No sexism. No homophobia. No transphobia.”