'TERMINATOR CONVENTION': Arnie meets Kawhi in ad for new movie
Eddie Chau
October 23, 2019
October 23, 2019 10:02 AM EDT
What happens when Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Kawhi Leonard?
A one-minute ad for Terminator: Dark Fate featuring awkward encounters and endless catchphrases, that’s what.
In the ad, Schwarzenegger can be seen doing bicep curls at the gym when ex-Raptor Kawhi Leonard walks by. The Austrian Oak stops exercising to greet the Fun Guy, welcoming him to Los Angeles as a member of the Clippers.
“It’s great to have you here. Plus it’s good to see another Terminator,” Schwarzenegger said.
“I don’t know why they call me that,” Leonard deadpans.
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As the two walk through the gym, the former Governator said Leonard is a Terminator because he has “zero emotions”, feels “no pain” and shows “no mercy.”
“Trust me, it’s a compliment, OK,” said Schwarzenegger.
Still, Leonard isn’t convinced that he’s a robotic killer on the court.
Leonard’s new teammate, Paul George, then enters, proclaiming that he’s “seeing double” being in the presence of two Terminators.
“Somebody call Sarah Connor,” said George.
Enter Linda Hamilton, who plays Connor in the Terminator films.
“Well, isn’t this cute? A Terminator convention,” Hamilton sarcastically chimes.
Leonard points to Schwarzenegger and says “he’s the real Terminator” while Hamilton retorts by stating the Clippers forward that he’s the one with the “crazy robot laugh.”
Hamilton then attempts the Leonard laugh. George then defends his teammate by stating “it’s a totally normal laugh.”
“He’s a Fun Guy,” said George, pointing to Leonard.
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“Good thing. Otherwise, I’d have to terminate you,” replied a serious-looking Hamilton, as the camera zooms in with tense music playing in the background.
Leonard and Hamilton then break the tension by laughing and the four depart.
“Hasta la vista, baby,” Leonard replied, with the catchphrases from Terminator 2: Judgment Day.
“What it do, baby,” said Schwarzenegger, doing his best Leonard impression.
In a plot twist, the commercial ends with Leonard turning around with a serious look, left eye glowing like a Terminator cyborg. His famous laugh heard in the background.
The ad was created specifically to be aired during ESPN’s coverage of NBA games. ESPN and Twentieth Century Fox – which distributes Terminator: Dark Fate – are owned by Disney.
Terminator: Dark Fate opens in theatres on Nov. 1.