Apple’s facial recognition in new iPhone unsettles privacy activists

Apple will let you unlock the iPhone X with your face – a move likely to bring facial recognition to the masses, along with concerns over how the technology may be used for nefarious purposes.

Apple’s newest device, set to go on sale November 3, is designed to be unlocked with a facial scan with a number of privacy safeguards – as the data will only be stored on the phone and not in any databases.

Unlocking one’s phone with a face scan may offer added convenience and security for iPhone users, according to Apple, which claims its “neural engine” for FaceID cannot be tricked by a photo or hacker.

While other devices have offered facial recognition, Apple is the first to pack the technology allowing for a three-dimensional scan into a hand-held phone.


Woah, this thread suddenly came alive. ANyway, it's pretty interesting since Apple just announced their newest phones, hopefully with better privacy and security involving the FaceID.
still think facial recognition for unlocking cell phones is not as good or as easy as finger print.

not to say there are not many applications for facial recognition

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