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When are we going to get a section for continental politics I mean we are one big happy family now ain't we. We seem to have the same police and military apparatus, the same economic aspirations and the same enemys and the same religion therfore it looks to me like soveringty of any kind has become history for us.North American, my chest swells with pride tears come to my eyes the love overcomes me, the sacrifice humbles me, the years of effort culminates at last in the finest example of shared values, competition (rains) supreme, at last the consumer is free. Long live the consumer.

That German guy what the Harpercons want aaahhh out of the way is due for a tazerin accident. Our Royal Namerikin Mounted Gestapo's activitys should be confined to shoveling thier stalls out and polishing thier sam browns untill we can have them disbanded. They don't work for us anymore.
Its awesome this is happening.

Hopefully, one day I won't have to pass through customs whenever I cross across the border. Its a moderate inconvenience.
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Its awesome this is happening.

Hopefully, one day I won't have to pass through customs whenever I cross across the border. Its a moderate inconvenience.

Me to Toro I'll be allowed accross the boarder to sell pot in the states.

AMSI: Al-Qaeda is a NameriKin creation

Roads to Iraq

November 21, 2007

AMSI spokesman Dr. Mohammed Bashar Faidhi was interviewed by Aljazeera , and he said that the emergence of the "Awakening" militias in Sunni areas is to eliminate the resistance against the American occupation and not Al Qaeda.

He criticized the accusations that the AMSI being behind the sectarian violence in Iraq and there is a war against the AMSI because its position against the American occupation and its refusal to engage in the political process under the occupation, some very interesting answers.
Here are some important points from the interview:
Q: How do you see the closing of the AMSI headquarters in Baghdad and the accusations.

A: It wasn’t a surprise step because we had leaked information that the Chief Sunni body Sheikh Ahmed Abdel Ghafour Samarai with some political figures were selecting charges that harm the AMSI.
These charges are not new, first issued against us by the Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in more than once, he claimed that the AMSI stands behind the sectarian violence and that it supports terrorists, and therefore, Sheikh Al-Samarai echoed al-Maliki words.
Q: But there are other Sunni parties also accused you with supporting Al-Qaeda
A: Regrettably, this is manipulation of the facts and mislead the public opinion, since the first Al-Qaeda operation targeted civilians we had a position, and I recall here the assassination of Mohammed Baqir al-Hakim, which was claimed by Al-Qaeda, we have issued a statement number "5″ condemned the assassination, and we formed a delegation went to Najaf.
Q: But seen from the positions that you do not take a unified position from Al-Qaeda and appeared in previous statements that you trying to differentiate between operating against the occupation and operating against civilians.
A: We criticize the act regardless who did it, this is our philosophy, because the act could be done by the Americans or international intelligence agencies or some neighboring countries, accusing Al-Qaida or resistance, we do not want to be a victim of the American disinformation.
Q: What is your opinion about the "Awakening" militias that appeared in the Sunni areas, which some say they turned the compass toward the war with Al-Qaeda and Iran, despite the existence of the American occupation, is this a disagreement case between you and the Islamic Party?
A: This is the exact problem then America after this involvement and losses used its experience in the states-invasion, they invaded twenty countries before Iraq, they adopted a new policy by creating internal conflicts.
First, they allowed and supported the militias to kill Sunnis for future internal conflict. Then they allowed Al-Qaeda to move free in Anbar province to stage the "Awakening" militias later.We understand the American game so we said from the beginning that this is a trap,
We said that the Iranian influence was accepted by the United States, and the militias worked in the shadow of the United States, then the US is the enemy and the Secretary-General [Harith Al-Dari]said that the Us is the tree were all the militias and Iranian influence and Israeli intelligence stand on.
Q: But there are some resistance factions involved in the "Awakening" militias?
A: I will come to that, we refused to go into this game and others adopted it enthusiastically, they convinced some resistance factions that the Iran and Al-Qaeda are more dangerous than the US
They said we fight Iran and Al-Qaeda then we return to the American occupation and I emphasize that if we start this then the occupation will not end, we are confident that the United States feeds all parties, even Al-Qaeda, which the United States says it is its first enemy, we will find out that the US support Al-Qaeda with money and arms to continue the conflict
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