The London restaurant where diners eat in the dark.

The place not to be seen in.

A new restaurant where diners eat in pitch black darkness has opened in London.

Customers at Dans Le Noir have no idea what they are eating, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The idea, based on a successful restaurant in Paris, is that not being able to see what you're eating heightens the senses and liberates the taste buds.

All needs are catered for by partly-sighted or blind waiters, who serve the food and wine, guide you to your table and to the lavatory.

Anything that might shatter the blackness, such as a mobile phone display or burning cigarette, is forbidden.

"It is a sensual feast," said Edouard De Broglie, the 43-year-old French entrepreneur behind the 800,000 venture in Clerkenwell.

"Your other senses are awakened by the dark. Your nose, fingers, ears make you face the reality of the taste of the food.

"You are sitting by people you don't know. You don't judge them by your first sight. You talk to them more in the dark, then you find out what they look like later."
Haggis McBagpipe
!! Blackleaf, this is intriguing! I know I'd love to try it, in fact, I think I'll try something of that general thing at home. I'm fascinated by the idea. Thanks for posting this!
It is a wonder, considering the notoriously bad reputation of English food, that London restaurants have taken so long to use a blackout situation to enhance Londoners culinary experiences!!
That's funny Cortez, I wonder if they just keep searving the same thing over and over. Beans on toast, yuk.
Dont forget those scrumptious chip butties, Sassylassie- french fry sandwiches with gravy on white wonder bread!
Cortez stop; you're making me gag.
Oh, but Sassylassie, to take you out to dine on a stodgy pastry pie filled with mucousy steak and KIDNEY, with blood pudding sausage and tinned peas, followed by yet another stodgy pastry filled with sour gooseberries covered in thick lumpy unsweetened custard......
Steak and kidney pie with brown sauce.

Used to eat that for lunch every day when I lived in London.

And warm flat bitter.


The English know how to cook!
More fool YOU, Toro! Having that steak and kidney pie leaves less room for the pints of Guinesss!
Haggis McBagpipe
Quote: Originally Posted by cortez

More fool YOU, Toro! Having that steak and kidney pie leaves less room for the pints of Guinesss!

Yes! My god that is good beer. I love the stuff. Dark beer is the best. Don't like warm beer, though, blech.
I'd like to try that.
But beer is gross !

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