Costa Rica

Hello Again and glad to back on board. On a lighter note from my previous tirades, I was wondering if any one here has been to Costa Rica. We have flight reservations for next month and plan to look around for a few weeks.

If you have been there, tell us what you think and tell us what you know and tell us from the beginning to the end.

Pardon the paraphase, this was a line from the movie, 'Rear Window'.
Have fun down there. I haven't been but hear it's very beautiful.
Yup, I've heard the same thing.
I think not
If the hotel you are staying at has a pool, it better have lights. I went swimming one night in the hotel pool, the lights were off in the pool so I couldn't see much at the bottom of it, all I noticed was a dark reddish color, assuming it was part of the tiles or something. The next morning I passed by the pool, and the bottom was full of CRABS!

Phuck that I said, no more swimming for me.

Other than that, take a couple of tours through the jungle, you'll be delighted with snakes, monkeys swooshing over your heads grabbing peoples hats, never to be seen again.

Nice place. I just never thought of it in a wild sense like that, so it caught me off guard.
My friend moved there a couple years ago, and they love it - I'm saving my pennies for a visit there - the pics she sends us are unbelievable! You should have no trouble enjoying yourself there... have fun!!
By the way, Costa Rica (Rich Coast) has the unique
distinction of having the longest durable functioning
democracy in both Central and South America.

And the islands on the Pacific side were the fictitious
location of Micheal Crichton's JURASSIC PARK.

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