Don’t do drugs, kids. But if you do, don’t assume that the person texting you back from your drug dealer’s phone is in fact your drug dealer.

After police in Washington seized the iPhone of a “suspected drug dealer,” Detective Kevin Sawyer scrolled through the phone’s recent calls and text messages. One of the text messages from contact “Z-Jon,” read, “I’ve got a hundred and thirty for the one-sixty I owe you from last night.” Sawyer responded asking Z-Jon if he “needed more.”

Unaware that his drug dealer had been arrested, Z-Jon replied “that would be cool” and that he would “prefer to just get a ball.” A court document helpfully explains that a “ball is a a drug weight equivalent to approximately 3.5 grams.” Z-Jon and “his drug dealer” continued to text one another, and agreed to meet in the parking lot of a local grocery store to make the exchange. But instead of getting a ball, Z-Jon, a.k.a. Jonathan Roden, got arrested. He was later convicted of attempted possession of heroin.


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