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Reverend Blair
It becomes official tommorow. We finally get to start working towards goals instead of listening to the luddite liars from the oil industry whine like babies.

We're starting too late, and the Liberals still haven't put together a solid plan, but we are finally starting. So what are all you going to do to reduce greenhouse emissions?
What am I going to do today for Kyoto? I won't drive, I will use my bike.
not enough?

Ok, I will turn down the thermostat, reduce my electriciy useage by turning off lights and using the stove and hot water carefully;
I will also eliminate or reduce my purchases of things that use a lot of energy to produce or need to be transported a long ways.
And if we all did that, it would make a difference. Dont buy new cars until they produce a responsible one!!

Personal responsibility is needed, but its not enough.
Industrial emissions is what Kyoto targets need to get onside.
60% of the world's emissions are in the Kyoto accord, and even with the USA not participating we still have a lot to work with. But the USA is doing several things to reduce emissions too, voluntarily and so on. So is China. They wil need some encouragement from Kyto participants to do more, and I suspect they will when the rest of us are on board.

So dont' give up, lets not be hopeless about it despite the fact that we are way too late to make this easy on us or the planet. We have to face the reality of it without giving up.

We knew in the 1960's that the limit for emissions was being reached, and sure enough, it is actually the 1960s levels of emissions that are sustainable levels. 1990 levels - the target of Kyoto, are just a start, a bare minimum.

Also, we have waited until the "cascade effects" have begun. Cascade effects are where the changes due to warming actually cause MORE warming, like when the tundra melts it then absorbs sunlight and gives off CO2 instead of reflecting sunlight, which makes a huge difference... or when the ocean plankton die off from 'too-warm' conditions, they don't absorb CO2 and actually give off CO2 instead of oxygen.

" We told ya so!" - way back in the 1960s we knew of these problems, and urged industry to start reducing back then.

Also, there is the health factors. Health damaging pollution, responsible for the huge increases in asthma, cancers, etc., are all related to fossil fuels emissions and that became the default reasoning for emissions reductions if climate was changing naturally and Kyoto would not stop that, as they argued.

So much suffering from health problems, and so many hard choices and economic concerns, could have been avoided if we had acted faster, sooner.
Would the economy have failed to develop if we restricted emissions 50 years ago? perhaps, but that might have been a good thing - rising too fast just caused inflation, and the 1980s currency crisis was due to that "too fast" growth which oil helped inspire.

There is no doubt - we should have acted sooner.
There is no doubt that we should support Kyoto now.
... and sure, we should all do our part individually Rev. That will tell politicians that we are serious and willing to sacrifice to meet this largest of goals.

Do your part for Kyoto, and encourage others, esp industry, to do it too.

Russia, other stories here:

Media stories on Kyoto -

Beyond Oil -

Int. Inst. for Sustainable development:
My biggest one is my car. I only use it now if I go up the island. Most of the time I walk. I have a bike, but I don't like riding in traffic.
My theromostat is never on :P May two weeks out of the year...this is lotusland so its always nice most of the time. I also have energy efficent light bulbs now, they are more expensive but they last longer.
I am happy that some countries are finally trying to attempt something like this. Go Kyoto!!!!
Reverend Blair
So here's a few things. Some I've done, some I'm going to do, some I can't do.

If your hot water heater needs to be replaced get one of those in-line ones. Why heat 40 gallons of water 24 hours a day? I'm just waiting for our water heater to blow so we can get a new one.

If you need to buy appliances, furnaces, cars get the most efficient ones you can find.

If you're just laying on the chesterfield watching TV, turn the heat way down and use a blanket. Get a dog to lay on top of you if you're still cold.

Insulate your house. Get new doors and windows.

Refuse to go visit your mother-in-law. (I'm just saving the environment, dear. )

Only shower when you have to. That doesn't mean being filthy, but you'd be amazed how many people I know who wake up, have a shower, go do something sweaty all day long, then have another shower when they get home. What's the morning shower for?

Use your blinds and curtains. Have a southern exposure? Leave the blinds open in the winter to let the sun in. Close them in the summer to keep the sun out.

Plant trees. They keep the wind off and the sun out. Deciduous trees keep the sun off in the summer, but let it in during the winter.

Don't mow your lawn so much. That lawnmower uses gas and longer grass is more resilient to dry weather anyway. Besides, would you rather be playing greenskeeper or sitting in the shade having a beer?

Build a porch or sunroom on the west or North sides of your house. Insulate it. Don't heat it.

Build a house from straw bales. Great r-value and you're using a product that is basically garbage anyway.
Get a dog to lay on top of you if you're still cold.
Reverend Blair
Where do ya think the band Three Dog Night got their name?
Free Thinker
LOL...3 dog an Aussie in Canada, I can puppy puppy puppy.....

what if the "global warming" thingy was cyclical.....what if the "CRAP" we put out there had insignificant effect, an effect certainly, but not near as consequential as we have been told.. 'cept maybe the chlorine thing.....what if "global warming" was caused mainly by solar activity........what if it's happened b4.......b4 us animals arrived, what if tptb know this....and see a........ "milking cow"......designed to "milk" themselves enough to build for whats coming.......take a look at the weather records....the earthquake records....the volcanic records worldwide over the past say..5, 10 decide...its your money........

Oil companies convinced us that unleaded petrol is safer for our health and environment than leaded petrol.
By their failure to disclose all the facts, we have been seriously conned!

Highly toxic chemicals are replacing the lead in our fuel, yet government authorities continue to underestimate the serious risks to public health.

With alarming evidence emerging on toxic emissions from petroleum and catalytic converters, surely it's time we seriously considered some new energy alternatives.

BUTT......? there was this guy....
Nikola Tesla....skinny little fellow , but did he know shit!
butt...then, what if tptb, knew of this.......

POLI (many) TICS (blood sucking parasite)
Free Thinker
as a follow on to my above rant........

There is no proof that "attention deficits" in children are anything but normal human variants, yet medical practitioners are labelling more and more children with this diagnosis and giving them dangerous stimulant drugs to control their behaviour.
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It becomes official tommorow. We finally get to start working towards goals instead of listening to the luddite liars from the oil industry whine like babies.

We're starting too late, and the Liberals still haven't put together a solid plan, but we are finally starting. So what are all you going to do to reduce greenhouse emissions?


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