Doctor featured in Harper video on the run from the RCMP & Interpol

Five months ago, Dr. Saren Azer was lauding the Conservative government’s decision to extend Canada’s mission to battle Islamic extremists in Iraq. Featured prominently in one of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s promotional videos, he warned that millions were in danger from such terrorists.
Defence Minister Jason Kenney also took to Twitter to laud Azer as a man “doing tremendous work” with Canada’s Kurdish community helping Iraqi refugees.
But today, Azer is a man on the run, sought by the RCMP for the alleged abduction of his children. Interpol has published the photos and details about the Canadian children, listing them as missing.
Azer is believed to be heading to northern Iraq to take refuge in the Kurdish enclave there.

Doctor featured in PM Harper's video now accused of child abduction and on the run from the RCMP
I think he has the refugee thing backwards. Most refugees are fleeing FROM Iraq.

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