Goddard also used his eulogy to criticize Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservative government for its new policy of barring the news media from covering repatriation ceremonies for fallen soldiers.
"I find it troubling that the privacy decision means that we are keeping the press outside the wire," he told mourners. "I would like to think Nichola died to protect our freedoms, not to restrict them."
In Victoria, Harper said the policy was never meant to go against any family's wishes and he would re-examine it.

People, Harper is on record making a public statement that we will no longer fly the flag at half mast because we feel it is to much work every time a soldier dies to up and down the flag and plus the Liberals were stupid to change the old tradition of the flag method of flying.

No people, the reason Harper is restricting the media or keeping the flag at full mast so it will not remind Canadians of their loses in a war that is purely supporting the Bush idiotic plan. Harper has a secret agenda and you can take that to the bank.