Should Canada establish its own Foreign Legion?

Seeing that it refugees from persecution in other countries not only possess linguistic and cultural knowledge that could be of use to the Canadian military, but are also likely to be far more motivated than most to take down their regime should Canada ever have to go to war with that country, would the establishment of a Canadian Foreign Legion be a good idea?

After all, Polish pilots were highly effective in the RAF in WWII.
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No point in a foreign legion in Canada. There are dozens of ethnic groups in the country that can handle foreign languages. However, many of them came to Canada to escape military service so don't bet on them rushing to join up for the pitiful wage paid to members of the Canadian military. Poles, BTW were only used in WW II because their country had been conquered by the Germans and Russians. Their units were disbanded after the war.
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Why would we want a foreign Legion we do not have an empire to guard and protect.
Think about it, we can't look after the military we have now let alone the expense of a
Foreign Legion
All good points.
In a sense we already do have a privatized foreign legion. I've worked in compounds in South America surrounded by guys dressed as trees with auotmatic weapons. All were former Brit, US and Canadian military working for security firms.

Canadian mining companies are hated with a passion in South America.

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