Argie tattooist gets revenge on British sailor.

Tattooist gotcha back!


A BRIT sailor who wanted “England” inked on his back was left seething after a Falklands tattooist etched “Argentina Forever” instead.

Patriotic Marine Engineer David Luxton called at a tattoo parlour in the islands’ capital Stanley while serving with battleship HMS Southampton.

He swapped soccer jokes with Leonildo Aguilar, an Argie, as the artist got to work.

David, 28, only found out about the prank when he returned to his ship and looked in a mirror.

The letters had been written in tattooists’ permanent blue ink.

Pals tried to scrub off the lettering but David’s skin became torn.

Aguilar was charged with assault and fined £75 at the island court in the capital, Stanley.

He said he and David teased each other about Diego Maradona’s “Hand Of God” goal which cheated England out of the 1986 World Cup — just four years after the Falklands War.

The words are now illegible but a skin expert said David, who refused to comment, will be marked for life.
Bravo Las Malvinas!