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For people with dangerous allergies, the EpiPen is a literal lifesaver. Now the company that makes them is gouging the people who need them.

CEO at center of EpiPen price hike controversy is Sen. Joe Manchin’s daughter

By Catherine Ho

The growing congressional scrutiny of pharmaceutical giant Mylan over the high cost of EpiPens could prove awkward for Sen. Joe Manchin.

The West Virginia Democrat’s daughter, Heather Bresch, is chief executive of the company, which appears to have hiked the price of the epinephrine auto-injector by 400 percent since 2007. The device, which is used to treat severe allergic reactions, now costs more than $600 per dose.

This price increase has become a public relations disaster for Mylan and at least four of Manchin’s Senate colleagues are either pressing the company to reduce the cost of EpiPens, asking it to explain the price increase or requesting federal regulators to investigate the matter. Manchin is not a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has shown the most interest in probing Mylan’s pricing practices, and so far the senator is not discussing the issue.

“Right now we don’t have any comment,” Manchin spokesman Jon Kott said in an email Tuesday.


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Democratic Senator to Face Trial for Corruption

In 2015, New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez was indicted on bribery charges. Prosecutors alleged that he accepted nearly $1 million in bribes through campaign donations, vacations, and private jet flights in return for doing political favors for a Florida optometrist, Salomon Melgen, a co-defendant in the case. In April 2017, Melgen was found guilty of Medicare fraud. Menendez pressed Obama’s Health and Human Services secretary for leniency in the case. In addition, Menendez also tried to use his political influence to coerce U.S. officials to pressure the Dominican Republic to benefit one of Melgen’s companies. He also intervened in acquiring visas for Melgen’s foreign girlfriends. Since 2014, Menendez has raised $4.6 million for legal expenses and has continued to raise campaign funds for his re-election bid in 2018.

Menendez first won election to the Senate in 2006. He was a Hillary Clinton superdelegate in 2016 and served as her national campaign co-chair during her failed 2008 presidential campaign.

On August 9, a federal judge denied Menendez’s last chance to avoid a trial this September. His attorneys tried to argue that his indictment should be overturned due to the Supreme Court decision that essentially normalized corruption by overturning former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s corruption conviction in June 2016. In the ruling against Menendez, U.S. District Court Judge William H. Walls wrote, “Whether the acts alleged in the Superseding Indictment satisfy the definition of an ‘official act’ under McDonnell is a factual determination that cannot be resolved before the Government has the opportunity to present evidence at trial.”


Sen. Bob Menendez Forced to Face Trial for Corruption, Judge Says | Observer
The upcoming bribery trial for New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez could have damaging consequences for his party whether or not he's convicted, by sidelining him from Congress just as Democrats gear up to fight the Trump agenda

The senator is now pleading with a federal judge to alter the trial schedule on certain days so he can return to Washington to vote.

So far, however, the court has rejected these requests, which the Trump Justice Department has decried as a bid for "special treatment."

The timing of the trial, set to begin Sept. 6, is critical. It would fall as Congress returns from the August recess and Republicans prepare to vote on President Trump’s legislative agenda -- potentially covering everything from tax reform to health care to the budget and debt ceiling.

Neither party can afford to lose a single member from the Senate floor. Republicans hold a slim 52-48 majority, and it’s possible the absence of a single reliable Democratic vote could tip the balance on key votes this fall, including possibly another attempt at repealing President Obama’s health care law.

Mindful of this, Menendez earlier this week asked for a trial delay, along with other possible alternative concessions, only to be denied by U.S. District Judge William Walls. While Menendez would be free to skip his trial to attend Senate session, doing so could hurt his standing at the trial -- a scenario he's trying to avoid.

As jury selection began this week in New Jersey, the senator's lawyers came back with a more refined request, asking the judge to alter the trial schedule on select days so he can be present for key Senate votes.

Menendez mess: Trial threatens to sideline senator just as Dems plot Trump resistance | Fox News
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This guy is wanted to be president. What a noob.

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Democrats, Media Angry News They Don’t Like Is Being Reported

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Democrats, Media Angry News They Don’t Like Is Being Reported

Con shit.

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