Feminist Website Bans Use of "Trigger Warnings" Citing "Trigger" as "Triggering"

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In my over 76 years on this planet, I have watched with awe & amazement as the inmates have taken over the asylum.

I think we should return to the good old days when non-whites and non-Christians couldn't hold public office or military/naval commissions.

Because that was freedom.

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How free speech became a thought crime: A chilling warning after feminists hound a Nobel winner from his job for 'sexism'

If he'd been an Arab Muslim fired for denying the divinity of Jesus, you'd be dancing for joy.

Let's be clear, Blackleaf. You don't want freedom. You want legal, economic, and social supremacy of white, Christian, male, straight, royalists.
This is my personal attack & curse on anything +18.

Especially Stonehenge.
don't worry kid...blackleaf will be back.

Ban Will Be Lifted On Sep 16th, 2015, ~07:00 PM
ahhh I was sort of half wondering why I hadn't had to scroll past a few page-long posts today.
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